Lindsay ChamberlinLet me share a bit about myself. If you know a fiction author then you know how well we do with sharing information about ourselves (sarcasm included), so give me just a minute to warm up to the idea, and I’ll give you more than you bargained for!

For longer than I can remember, writing and reading has been my source of escape. When I was hardly seven years old, I started my first journal, filling its pages with short stories and my day to day childhood thoughts. Coherent thoughts, eh, maybe not so much, but it all started with that first daisy covered journal.

From there it continued, filling composition books, journals, and numerous upon infinite word processing pages of longer stories, poems, and events. I read novel after novel, devouring any and all that I could get my hands on, catapulting me into different worlds while inspiring worlds of my own creation. I entered poems into the school newspapers, the local newspapers, and online forums. Once I started high school, I became a part of the Yearbook Committee and the Journalism Committee, determined to continue to publish my works. Throughout my schooling, I found solace in my writing; it became a way to express my deepest thoughts.

Then adulthood stuck. As most rite of passages, you learn a piece of life long wisdom while releasing a bit of childhood naivety. Once I realized it was time to become part of modern society and start on a career path, the instinctual finance side of my brain kicked in. I flourished within an amazing company, trying my legs in many different aspects of the business world. This choice in career helped me begin my life, buy my first home, get married, do all the things you’re suppose to in the modern world.

But what I have always come back to is writing and reading. Writing stories of my own experiences, or imaginings; reading novels from the greatest authors of our time, reciting poetry, and living in the characters world. Books have always helped coax my Muse into singing me a song of inspiration, so any and all authors that have helped me, thank you!

Now that I feel comfortable in my life, established in one aspect, I am ready to take on my creative brain! Ever since I started on this journey of self publishing, I can’t seem to stop creating worlds of characters that hold pieces of me in each of their personalities. My first published novel, See You Soon, and my second, The Shoreline, has reached many readers hands, and I can tell you personally there is no greater feeling than knowing there are people out there that now know me a little better and have had a chance to experience something they never would have otherwise. My goal and wish for all of my readers is for them to find themselves in the characters world and feel what they feel throughout the journey!

Books are meant for our silent escape into another world that would normally exist only in our dreams. Please, enjoy!

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