Guardians – Meet Riley!

1Riley has always been different. The entire town she grew up in reminds her every day just how different she is. She can’t wait for the day she can escape to a new town, a new school, and a new life. College is that chance, a new beginning, a new sunrise on the darkness that was her life.

This is Riley’s chance at a new beginning. Bradford University in southern Virginia is the fresh start far from home that she has always wanted, but no matter where she goes, the shadows will always follow. Her only reprieve as she starts her new life is the possibility of friends, something she never had back home, but it quickly becomes the silver lining in her darker days.

Riley may have been labeled the psycho in her high school, but this girl is strong. She’s carried the pain of her past for too long. Now is a time of beginnings. Making new friends and unleashing the woman she has always known she could be is easier said then done, until she meets Reymend.

Rey’s all warmth and light. A comforting, gorgeous man she hopes she won’t scare away when the darkness gets too close. She wants to hold on to him, but how can she hope for so much when she has only ever had so little?

Excerpt of Guardians: “I know what you’re thinking, but before you say anything just know that I’m going to do this. I’m making a life for myself here no matter what the cost. I have friends for the first time in my life. I wake up excited to see what the day will bring. I’m finally happy! Nothing will stop me from taking this chance. Not my episodes. Not the fear of what follows me everywhere I go. Nothing. I’m doing this because for once in my life, it’s my decision.”

Guardians Proof two

This girl may face darkness every day, but she knows what she wants! She’s scared, but determined. Even though she knows the shadows wait for her around every corner, sending her into blackout fits of terror, she still pushes forward. She is a real heroine even if she doesn’t understand the darkness that follows her.

Guardians, A Touched By Light Series, Book 1 of 3 – Available for Pre-order on all major distributors! Publish date October 31, 2018 – Halloween!

Cover Reveal: Guardians, A Touched By Light Series, Book 1 of 3

IT’S COVER REVEAL DAY!! Guardians is available for PREORDER now! Publish date is set for October 31, 2018 – Halloween.


I’m so excited to unveil the cover of my latest novel Guardians! This book is not my usual hot and steamy romance. It’s technically a paranormal romance, but the two main characters struggle just to be friends throughout this novel. Instead the heat is found in the strength of our heroine. This girl struggles throughout her daily life, but refuses to give up. She’s a brave and determined female lead looking for a new life far from her past. Only, she has no idea what really lurks in the depths of the darkness that has plagued her entire life.

Introducing Riley and Reymend!

Riley had spent her entire life terrified of the shadows and darkness that followed her everywhere she went. They ruined her chances at a normal childhood and tormented her throughout her teenage years, labeling her the freak in her hometown, but now was her chance to start over. After receiving her acceptance letter from Bradford University, a chance at a new life and new friends in a town far away from home filled Riley with such hope for the future, but never had she dreamed of meeting the most gorgeous guy on campus. Not only was he attractive, but the shadows were chased away whenever he was near. Riley hoped she could hold on to him, but how could she hope for so much when she had only ever had so little?

Reymend may look like just another student at Bradford University, but his world was greater than any mortal could understand. He was blessed by the Light, trained to be a Guardian, a warrior against the shadows of Midnight that plagued Touched souls in the never ending battle of Light and darkness. It was his duty to protect those souls, and his next Charge was Riley. She didn’t understand the shadows that followed her relentlessly, but one day, she was going to be stronger than any Guardian in the history of the Light, if the darkness didn’t claim her first.

I am beyond excited to announce this novel is available for preorder now from all major distributors. Head over to my Written Works page for a few quick links. Remember: this is only book one of the trilogy. Book 2 is almost finished, and I’m aiming for spring 2019. If you’re looking for your next favorite series, look no further! Guardians is about to reach the top of your list.

Check out the book trailer I put together! Let me know what you think. Guardians is now available for preorder! Publish date is set for October 31, 2018 – Halloween.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Movie Review

Now I know I have done a lot of movie reviews lately, but this one is a must! I read the Hunger Games trilogy about two years ago now, and I love the story behind these books. It was my first adult adventure into the more sci-fi-ish genre, and I was not disappointed. (I read Ender’s Game when I was a young teen, but I don’t think I really grasped the concept of the books. Definitely worth a re-read, but I digress.)

Let me start out by saying that the first movie, The Hunger Games, for me was good, but not to the caliber that I was hoping for. So much was left out that it felt like a scratched CD, skipping vital scenes that built up the relationship between Katniss and Peeta, so with the story line of this first movie, I wasn’t really impressed.

Not to mention Jennifer Lawrence didn’t seem like an experienced actress, almost KStew status throughout all of the Twilight Saga. I just didn’t get the feeling that she really connected to the character or the story behind her. There should have been at least one scene off the top of my head where a friend dies in the games that I should have been in tears. I was sad, but I wasn’t sold.

My overall rating for the first movie was about a 3, but my love for these books is what made me hopeful for the next movie.

Now, Catching Fire.

For an adaptation, I was extremely happy with this movie! I absolutely loved it! J. Lawrence really has become a great actress, connecting to her emotions as the character. She really had me sold on so many scenes that I actually cried in the theater! Definitely an amazing performance leaving me with goosebumps!  There was one scene where Katniss, JLaw, has a mini break after someone comes back from being unconscious, and she is literally shaking through the entire scene! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house! Don’t get me wrong, all of the actors of the movie were beautifully cast, but she stole the show, as it should be for any main character.

The fight scenes and setting were beautifully done, all of the “future technology” aspects seemed realistic. CGI really didn’t take a toll on the movie like a lot of fantasy/sci-fi genre movies do. Costumes, make up, the whole nine yards was perfect for this tribute (pun intended), especially the dresses Katniss wore for the beginning of the game! Perfectly designed to match the book!

Catching Fire was a fantastic movie and a great adaptation. There were a few things left out, and I wish they would’ve played up certain aspects a bit more, but a movie can only be so long! I would give the movie a 4 – 4.5! A must see!