Happy Release Day!

After three long years, my latest novel Alyeska has finally released! So much has happened during those three years that stalled my progress on this project, but I like to think that all that time only made this experience that much more enjoyable. alyeskacover

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped me over the past few years, thank those who have pushed me and supported me through this process. I would be nowhere without my loving husband and beautiful daughter who have allowed me to dream bigger dreams and inspire me everyday. I want to thank my extended family and friends who have consistently asked me to publish another novel and supported me with my previous books.

Finally to my followers, readers, and all around amazing people I have met through this entire journey, thank you for allowing my works into your life, for experiencing a world alongside the characters I have created. Without all of you, none of this would be possible or have meaning.

I am so proud of this book! From its cover which I would like to thank Melody Pond for, the formatting thanks to ebooklaunch.com, all the way to the act of publishing which my wonderful husband does; for all of it and more, I’m excited to bring to you Alyeska!

A weekend trip to Alyeska Ski Resort and Spa for Kayleigh was exactly what she needed to put herself back in the game of dating and romance, but she never planned on meeting a man who could actually alleviate her past and allow her to experience every emotion she had shut off. As Kayleigh faces her past, she fights to keep herself from falling back into the darkness of unfeeling.

I hope you fall in love with Kayleigh and Ben as much as I have! Enjoy, lovelies!

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For a sneak peek, check out Book Release: Alyeska 12/2/2016 Part 4.

To purchase, check Amazon for the ebook and paperback copy, or Smashwords and other distributors nationwide.

This Just In: Book Release Scheduled

This just in: I am editing my latest novel and preparing it for formatting.

Did that come in clear? Need me to repeat it?

I am editing my latest novel and preparing it for formatting!

I am so excited I can barely contain myself. The cover is perfect. The story line is amazing. Ah! It has been three years since my last release, and I can’t wait to share this novel with you.

Each week until the release date, I will give a new piece of glamour for this novel, so be on the lookout! I’m talking about the synopsis, a sneak peek, cover reveal, and even pre-orders and giveaways! This week, we’ll start with the name reveal and release date included in the below still.


Get ready, my friends. These next few weeks are about to sweep you off your feet and land you right in the heart of the Alyeska Mountains encompassing this whirlwind romance. Break out the hot cocoa and settle in. Until next week..