When all else fails, sing-a-long!

My husband will probably laugh at me when he reads this, but when music just isn’t hitting me right, I resort to musicals. But not just any musicals.

I want the songs that you can sing at the top of you lungs, know every word by heart, and feel deep inside the power behind each word. I want the classics like Sound of Music and Singing in the Rain. I want the new popular wave like Greatest Showman and Rent. I’ll even take animated movie soundtracks like Frozen and Moana.

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It may sound silly, but sometimes the familiarity and ties back to the movie, play, or original signer/actor just gives me more feels than the latest popular musician ever could. Sometimes the emotions these songs produce are more genuine than the music playing from the radio by a musician I would have to Google in order to know what they look like.

Between my daughter and I, I think we have sang every word of every song to the Greatest Showman soundtrack a hundred times. It isn’t unheard of in our house to belt out “Never Enough!” randomly as we walk around the house. Something I know my husband loves to hear! If only life were a musical.

The Greatest Showman – Movie Review

I have never been so captivated by a movie the moment it begins. The beginning number “Greatest Show” literally left me with goosebumps, and I couldn’t look away from the screen! With each piece of the story, each score, each beautifully cinemagraphed scene, I was hooked the moment Hugh Jackman came on the screen.The Greatest Showman poster.png

The real P.T. Barnum was not a man looking to expose the world to the oddities of the world, but a salesman, exploiting his customers desire to be “hoodwinked”. He even coined the saying, “A sucker is born every day.” He knew what it took to sell his product even if the product wasn’t the most moral or honest offering.

The P.T. Barnum in this movie was depicted as “the good guy”, giving a bunch of misfits an opportunity to be part of something that wouldn’t depict them as obscene or undesirable, but someone people wanted to see, paid money to be part of. It may be the truth that Barnum wanted to put these people in the limelight to be part of something bigger than themselves, but the real motive may not have been that golden.

Regardless of the morals of Barnum, this story was entertaining, beautifully scripted and scored, and the choreography was incredible. This movie brought out so many emotions, some of which almost drove me to leave the theater, but I won’t spoil that one for you. It is a powerful cinematic feature, and I enjoyed every moment of it, quickly reaching the top of my list of all time favorite movies. If you can’t tell by now, I highly recommend it. Did I mention I own the soundtrack and movie already?