Book Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate

I have recently finished the Fallen Series and have seen very mixed reviews. Most readers who enjoy the YA genre would tell you this series is either decent, or pretty good, but there have been a whole slew of people I like to call the “YA-wannabe’s” giving this series horrible reviews. These are the people who bash Twilight and the like because it is such a juvenile love story. I know books in this genre won’t be winning any literary awards for their mature romance aspects, but when I read Twilight as an actual YA, I thoroughly enjoyed it, so trying to compare these novels to Romeo and Juliet or whathaveyou is a bit much.

Back on topic. As a whole, I give the series about a 3.5 out of 5. Each book has their own rating in my mind, so let me break it down for you by starting with this initial post.


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