Family Values

I’ve become such a bleeding heart when it comes to children. I believe they deserve so much better than what they are given at times, and I wish I could help them all! My maternal insticts are so strong and kick in so hard whenever a situation includes children. 

My husband and I were watching a movie the other day, and the child was treated poorly. It literally broke my heart! If you know me, you know I’m not much of a crier, but I bawled like a baby! Silly hormones! They are just so innocent, and if given a chance, they could accomplish so much.

People are so concerned with the adults in any given situation. Like, oh, Tom and June are getting divorced, or Mark and Mary are going through a hard time. If there are children involved, I think the conversation should look more like: are Timmy and Julie doing well with the divorce? Are Mikey and Missy getting enough to eat?

When did family values start to exclude the well-being of the child? And when did Hollywood start exploiting the subtraction of the total members of the family until? When did we stop noticing, or stop caring?

I hope true family values come back in style. These children are the future, and they deserve the best chance at making this world a better place.

Generation Thumbs

I was talking to some co-workers today who happen to be a couple generations older than me and found myself in an interesting conversation.

We were discussing how everyone’s kids were doing (note: I do not have any children, yet) as a casual small talk, passing-by comment, when someone stated that their six year old asked for a cell phone. Now, I am not against children having cell phones; I think they are great tools in cases of emergency, but I am a bit concerned when a six year is asking to have one.

As my co-worker explained, I feel my concern became justified. He said his son begged for a cell phone because a friend of his in his class had one, and the son wanted to be able to text his friend.


Here are my concerns. One, why does a child have texting enabled on their cell phone? As I said above, I am not against children having cell phones, but for emergency purposes only. I saw an add on TV, I think, a couple years ago pertaining to Disney cell phones for kids. It was able to call with unlimited minutes to five numbers pre-programmed into the phone besides 911, and that was about the extent of its features. Now that I can agree with.

Two, why does a six year old need to text their friends? I can understand the argument that texting helps children learn to write sentences, but as we have seen on Jeopardy multiple times recently, life doesn’t have an autocorrect feature, so really these kids are only learning sentence structure, not how to spell words, if even that. Have you seen some of their acronyms? SMH = shake my head, or WYD = what are you doing. Not to mention the ability to have intelligent conversations or speak in front of an audience.

Again, I say, HUH?!

Now before you think some old person wrote this post, I am a mid twenty, recently married, young woman contemplating having children in the next couple of years, but I’m not sure I will be able to handle my six year old seriously asking me to the point of tantrums for a cell phone so he/she can text their friends!

What ever happened to playing outside? Instead of texting your friends, go outside and say hi! It cost less money. I swear, this generation of children will be called the “Generation Thumbs”. Have they discovered tennis thumb, yet? If not, I called it!  End rant. 🙂