Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5

I’ve been sick recently with the nastiest summer cold. I came down with it last Monday, so I didn’t get to pound out a post. I finally kicked it hard enough to make it to Game Of Thrones night this week, and I am so glad I didn’t miss it! Plus it was my birthday, but GOT definitely had priority for a Sunday night!

Here we go!

If they don’t come out and say that Jon is a Targaryen, I’m going to lose my mind!! Did you see the way that dragon allowed Jon to touch him? Stop toying with us, and just say it already! Everyone already knows, so why keep up the charade! As Sam talks about leaving the Citadel and Tilly rattles off what she thinks is nonsense, she all but spells it out for him that Rhaegar and Lyanna had an annulled marragie, but Sam is so wrapped up in the dead army, he glanced right over it. Come on!

Did anyone else see Daenerys hiding her concern when Jon said he would go find a white? Or as he was saying goodbye? Jon is her cousin, but the Targaryen’s are no stranger to incest in the past. I want it to happen so badly for Jon and Daenerys to get together, the perfect match of fire and ice, but does that make me weird? I don’t know how to feel..

Cersei is pregnant again with Jamie’s baby, and she’s not afraid to tell everyone this time, but what’s a baby announcement without threatening the baby daddy? When she tells him to never betray her again, you cen feel the ice between them. She’s losing her mind! He is the only person still on her side who actually wants to be there, but I can’t shake the feeling that Jamie is having second thoughts about his beloved on the throne. He killed a Mad King once, will he do it again?

I have mixed feeling about Little Finger planting the message in his bedroom for Arya to find. I can’t tell if he’s setting up Sansa to run away with him, or for Arya to die. He’s literally picking off the rest of the Stark’s, so that Sansa has no where else to turn, but him. He has a rude awakening coming if he thinks he can mess with Arya though. She’s one of the strongest characters in my mind now. I just hope she doesn’t fall into Little Finger’s trap.

All of the guys getting ready to head over The Wall is an eerie feeling. A few of them actually know what lies beyond, but there are even more that have never seen the dead army. Most of then going beyond are favorites of mine, so I am hoping none of them die! The Red Preist is going with them though, so I hope that if anyone dies, he can bring them back!

I’ve heard from my husband who has read all the hacks that this next episode is one of the best in the entire series. I can’t imagine anything better than the first dragon fight, but oh my, I’m hopeful!

Check back next week for another episode review!

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3

I’m struggling with this episode. Really struggling. I’m having a hard time pinpointing exactly why I did not enjoy this episode, but it’s there. I’m just not happy with it all.


They opened with Daenerys and Jon playing whose got the bigger ego, and it completely crushed my expectations. Nothing I thought that would be in that initial conversation happened, and instead it was this weird stand off, almost awkward tiptoeing around what should have been the real discussion. It was maddening and a complete let down. When they finally come around to the dragon glass topic, it was more empty words with no meaning or progression. Yay for getting the dragon glass, but what the hell does any of it matter if Daenerys doesn’t believe in the Night King and Jon doesn’t want any part of the war with the Lannisters? Just say it! Jon is a Targaryen, and let’s move on!!

I really think Cersei is an amazing villain. She’s a flipping genius in the Game that surrounds the Iron Throne, and even though it is easy to hate her, you almost believe she is justified in *some* of her actions. Justice for her children all around this episode, but I almost wonder if even though she appears to be winning the war, if she is losing everything else that was her life with it. I think Jamie is seeing the light in his sister/lover’s wicked ways, but as he told Lady Olenna, he’s far too deep to do anything about it now. Tyrion on the other hand really needs to stop trying to outsmart Cersei because, I’m sorry/not sorry, I don’t believe he can. She is too much like their father, and he is trying too hard to live up to the Lannister name even though he hates it. He needs a wake up call, and I think after this recent loss, he’s about to get one.

I really thought the reunion that was about to happen at Winterfell was going to be Sansa and Arya. No such luck yet, but with Bran back and being all “I’m the Three Eyed Raven”, maybe it will be finally revealed that Jon is a freaking Targaryen! The reunion fell flat to me, and I was hoping for so much more. I get Bran is different now with everything he has seen, but for crying out loud, it’s his sister he hasn’t seen in years!

So much is going on in these episodes now, it is becoming a little overwhelming, but it’s a whole lot of nothing. Sure they are showing each person a bit more, but the progression for me has gone from painstakingly slow to two steps forward three hundred steps back! Jon and Daenerys meet, but they are weird around each other. Cersei kills those who killed her kids, but doesn’t battle Daenerys. Theon gets rescued, but nothing happens. Bran comes back, and he says almost nothing. What is going on?! Give me something here!

Whew! Maybe I need to stop over thinking it and watch the show, but there are so many holes that we are just dancing around the edge of, it is driving me nuts! Hurry up, Episode 4. I need more!

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2

We’re diving right in here this week, so take your warning now!


Daenerys in the war room, planning with Tyrion and Varys, gave me chills as she later repeats Tyrion’s words, no “Queen of the Ashes.” Her story has progressed the furthest in my mind from where she started, and now that she has finally made it to Westeros, I was hoping for the big battle of King’s Landing! No such luck, and now things are seeming a bit shaky as all of Dorne’s hierarchy has died; Theon has abandoned his sister Yara to be their Uncle’s captor, and there is only one place he will go with her. Back to Cersei. Daenerys’s allies are dwindling quickly, and I hope with everything in me that she won’t be defeated by the Lannisters!

I’m so freaking antsy to get to next episode and see Daenerys and Jon meet for the first time. I’m really all over the place with ideas and theories as to what might happen during their meeting, but man, they are trying so hard to guide us to a conclusion that I’m so torn to believe. When Melisandre said Prince that was Promised and they quickly clarified that it could be a Princess as well, it is clear the writers are attempting to guide us and split us to believe that Daenerys may be Azor Ahai. I just can’t come into that conclusion. It’s Jon! It has to be! He’s both snow and fire, part Targaryen, part Stark. It has to be him!

Speaking of Jon, I really hope he didn’t mess up by choking Baelish. Little Finger is absolutely the reason for this entire Game! He orchestrated it from the start! He wanted Cat, couldn’t have her, so now he is after Sansa. Don’t tell him what he can’t have, Jon. I really hope that wasn’t a mistake.

I also cannot wait to see Arya and Sansa’s reunion. I believe the last time they were in the same room together, they loathed each other. Now, they are all each other has of the Stark bloodline plus Jon. Oh, and Bran, but he’s been so MIA for so long. I’m hoping it will be sweet, but I’m so afraid that since both have grown into such strong women that one might hold a grudge against the other. Hopefully, the writers keep it sweet because they really hurt me with the Director Wolf scene. I hope that doesn’t mean that “you can never go home”.

Did anyone else notice that Billy Bones of Black Sails was started in this week’s episode?! What the hell, Billy? Are you a pirate, or what?! Just kidding, but that was a fun cameo. His time as a Tully may be short and sweet though if he dares take on the only Tyrell remaining. Lady Tyrell is no daisy, but a thorny rose!

So much is happening in this season already, and I am so glad to finally be feeling like there is progression! But it also reminds me that the end is near. NOOOO! 

Check back next week for Episode 3 review!

Game of Thrones – Season 7 Episode 1


I am a diehard GOT fan! I admittedly found the show before the books, and I have yet to finish the novel series, but I do aim to one day complete them. The show, on the other hand, I have been a fan of since day one! The actors are perfectly cast. The plot is well driven. And, even though there are so many characters to get to know, I have love for them all. Some I hate, but deservedly so (aka Bolton’s!). I have even found a Game of Thrones wine that helped christen this episode tonight! A review on that part of the night to come.

This series has me captivated, and I cannot wait to see how this season unfolds as we gear up for the final season. Now, on to the review of the episode!


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