Ben Brainard – Comedian

I know we have all suffered in some form during this pandemic. No matter what the impact, I hate how it is effecting all of our lives. From the elderly to the infants, it seems this virus has touched us all. And, while most of the impact of Coronavirus is horrible, there have been a few silver linings in this storm.

When COVID first started, we went into lock down. We stayed home for two weeks straight and started only leaving the house if we really had to. We tried to find ways to pass the time, and one of those ways was nightly dance parties with DJ Kopec! It was a fun relief to a continuous relive of the same day, over and over. I truly appreciate his work and getting us through those first few months!

After this virus stuck around for a while, we felt a bit more safe going out into the world with masks and social distance and enhanced cleaning. We’d go to parks, home improvement stores, box stores. We felt safer, but were still cautious to maintain the safe guards we knew could help protect us. Even though we tried to keep going with life, the weight of COVID still hung heavy. Finding new ways to keep our minds off it, we took to YouTube.

Enter Ben Brainard!

I stumbled upon Ben as I was traversing the internet, looking for anything remotely entertaining to watch after literally depleting our streaming services of content. One of his videos popped up, and honestly, with all the politics that were going around at the time, I really wasn’t interested in more. I’m pretty sure I scrolled over his videos the first time. When I found it again, I read the description and went all in.

Maryland Joins the Table – with a title like that I just couldn’t ignore it! Living in the DC metro area, I had to hear his take on Maryland. I was NOT disappointed! From the way he pronounces the state name, to his attire, even the mention of a Natty Boh. I had tears! From that moment forward, I have watched each of his videos for Joins the Table, and have started to move on to his Mail Time and Stand Up shows. I absolutely love his laugh!

Thank you Ben for the comedic relief I didn’t know I needed. Hearing the craziness from all the different parts of the country makes me feel as if my little square of the world isn’t so messed up. I’ve learned so much about other states from your videos I never knew. Thanks again Ben! And keep on going!