Back to Basics

Life is all about building you up then throwing you back down as fast and as many times as it can. You get used to something then it changes. You get into a routine and a wrench gets thrown in it.

Then the excuses start. Oh, I’ll get back to it later. Oh, I have to do deal with this then I’ll deal with that. All the while, what had been the goal is slowly forgotten.

Until that goal comes back in a new light, possibilities for accomplishing it unveiling themselves through the excuses, and suddenly, your back to basics.

You’re back to figuring it out, fitting it into your routine, making it work.

Life has a funny way of pushing and pulling us through time, kicking and screening all the way, but this time, I’m back to my basics.

I will fight to keep this routine again, and life will laugh at my plans, but what this crazy ride doesn’t realize is, I need this. I need to write. I need to be heard. I need this outlet to find readers who want to escape as much as I want to give them one. It’s time to start again, and this time, dogdge the wrenches.

Without Him by Christina Grimmie

I am in love with this song right now. I know I said that like a week ago about I won’t give up by Jason Mraz, but this song is really just hitting my feels this week. Call me fickle, but it’s just fitting my mood, I guess.

I have talked for years about a Muse bringing me inspiration in many different forms. From fellow authors, poets, movies, and music, my Muse tickles me through various avenues. My current project I am working on is about a college age student who is experiencing a life she only dreamed of, but ends up unfolding into something she could have never imagined. Vague enough for you?

Well, as a romance writer, you know there is a love interest. He wants the girl, but believes she deserves more. This is where this song is coming into play I think. Our heroine can’t imagine life without him and wants only him, but there are so many outside forces and antagonists playing against them, they have to fight for their love. Christina Grimmie is really speaking to my Muse, and for that, I thank her wherever she peacefully is now.tragedia-halara-lottek-a-fiatal-enekesnot-christina-grimmie-t-06110145

This young woman was so talented. Her voice was beautiful, and her music actually holds more meaning than basic materialistic mindsets. She was close to her family and sweet to her fans. Christina Grimmie is sorely missed, but her music is still inspiring me today. For that, again I say, thank you.

Without Him by Christinia Grimmie

Sometimes your hero is you.

Never forget that sometimes you have to save yourself. ❤

I feel like all too often we expect or anticipate someone swooping in to save us when we are in the midst of a trial. We become complacent in our own lives, and just wait for something to happen.

Why wait? Why do we expect someone to solve our problems or open a door for us? Why can’t we open those doors ourselves and find a solution on our own.

We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We are more capable than we want to believe. We cane be our own hero because sometimes your hero is you.


How to: Focus Your Characters

Every author knows the pain of the newest curse words to be added to the writers dictionary in the last century: writers block. It happens even to the best of us. I cannot count how many times I have started a new project and half way through realized I had come to a block. Instead of becoming frustrated, here’s what I do to overcome the block and write on!

I have found that whenever I have been unable to continue in my story, I have to take a step back and refocus my characters. As I write, my characters and their personalities develop, taking me on the journey with them as they make their way through the novel. What I as the author must do is gently direct them in the direction I hope to go. Sometimes this works, sometimes my characters get away from me. When they move too far from what I hope to accomplish, I find myself stuck.

As I take a moment to find where the rest of my story will go, I think of the possibilities. If my character has come to a crossroad, I rival with them, deciding which road will be the best taken for my novel to continue. If I am in the midst of an action or dialogue and I back myself into a corner, having used every option, I take a step back, reread what has lead up to the blockage, and search for some sort of symbolism that I might have forgotten to use to help me out.

If none of the above has worked and the magical little Muse of inspiration has decided to stay away, I try and find it elsewhere. Besides writing, I enjoy dancing, music, movies, or just being in the company of those I love. I take the time to enjoy one of the above, completely forgetting the stress of my block, and focus solely on the moment. Only when I have remembered again about my work in progress, the stress not resurfacing, do I reread what I have written and write on, relieving the block.

These are the tricks of the trade that I have found to be most helpful, and I hope they help you through that rough spot. Remember, it happens to us all, and you will get through it! Write on!