IAAP Summit 2019

It’s been a while since my last IAAP event. I think about two years ago is when I went to Atlanta to attend the IAAP CAPstone to earn my Project Management (PM) designation. This year, I’ll be heading to National Harbor to attend the IAAP Summit for a more networking and new-in-the-trade type seminars.

At these events, I always gain so much insight to what other professional assistants are going through. Whether it be people related, technology struggles, or just workload, there is always tons to learn from my fellow administrative professionals. Their stories are inspiring! Some of them even make for juicy writing prompts. 😉

Also, this event set in National Harbor is going to be such fun! Even though I live in the D.C. area, it’s rare that I get to play tourist, and visit the monuments and museums. This visit won’t be wasted! My daughter and husband will come up, and we will be sure to hit all the fun spots.

I’ll give a full report and update following the event and sightseeing, but the most exciting event is going to be the closing dinner! I get to wear my sequenced cocktail dress! I’ll send you all a selfie on Instagram!

Project Management (PM) Specialty – IAAP

IAAP CAPstone 2019 - Certification Study BootcampRecently, I had the pleasure of traveling to Atlanta, Georgia for a conference called CAPstone 2018 offered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). Part of the offerings at this convention was a designation of Project Management for any who attended the two and half day seminars. My current employer was gracious to allow me to go, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to attend, not just as an escape from the cold front moving in on the northeast, but for another designation to put under my belt.

The course was a literal boot camp, more condensed than the actual boot camp the organization teaching the course provides on a normal basis. The usual five-day course given by PKMG for those going for the Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification was packed into the two and a half day program in a whirlwind of information and application. We studied everything from a work breakdown structure and schedule, risk analysis, communication plans and team charters, critical path, and stages of a team.

It was an intense experience, but one that I am glad I was able to participate in. As it was the first CAPstone program, there were no real expectations for comparison, but a sole goal to educate and push the attendees to achieving the designation. However, what I took away from the experience was more than just new initials behind my name.

I met so many wonderful, powerful women who knew what they wanted, knew what it meant to be an admin, and weren’t afraid to voice their opinion. These women actually took the time to learn my name and offered me advice as I took a phone conference on one of our breaks.

So, yes, I have new credentials, but I have also gained so much more. I gained colleagues I will assuredly reach out to for as long as they respond back. I gained a greater well of knowledge to tap into, more strength and confidence at the support group at my back. This experience wasn’t just about the designation. It became so much more.

Need to Decompress

I have always said that I am a gluten for punishment, and I live up to it regularly. I find new ways to add on to my plate, and eventually, I get so overloaded that I have to take a step back, regroup, and figure out how to tackle everything I promised to take on. This is definitely one of those moments. I am looking for my center then trying to add things slowly back into the mix to find the balance I lost somewhere along the way.

The good news is that I am scheduled to graduate this time next year with my Bachelor’s degree from SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University), so that will be one large chunk of weight off my shoulders. I also just finished another certification program at work, so I am officially a CAP-TA through IAAP. See a previous post for more information about them. My daughter is hinting at wanting to be potty-trained, so that will be another alleviating moment once she masters that feat. All in all, some things will be falling off my scale here shorty, so I am trying to see the finish line through the haze of the bombarding present.photo-1473624566182-509e437512f4.jpg

Through all the chaos that seems to happening around me, I have tried multiple times to pick up the diet and workout plan I had successfully been on before I became pregnant, but to no avail. I’ve come to determine that there just isn’t enough time in the day to deal with everything I have taken on, and try to diet and exercise as heavily I had been pre baby. I don’t have time to make a breakfast or lunch, so I grab a protein shake and whatever Lean Cuisine I can find before hitting the road. I tried doing it the night before, but again, I don’t have time between dinner, bath, and bedtime routine if I want to get to bed at a decent hour and/or have some “mommy time” or pay any attention to my husband.

So I did what any mom would. I scoured the internet for what other moms do when they want to diet and exercise with a full plate of commitments. I found that you are either a “fit mom” or an “excuse mom”, and I was definitely an “excuse mom”. These type of moms are the ones that come up with a whole handful of reasons as to why they can’t lose weight or diet while the “fit moms” have ab muscles and tiny waists, and say that “excuse moms” are just lazy.

How about I’m just a mom trying to do the best I can for my child? I may not be taking care of myself as well as I should in the diet and exercise aspect, but I am filling my heart full of memories, and trying to better myself through education and hard-work in my career to provide the best life I can for my daughter. That may not make me a “fit mom”, but that sure as hell doesn’t make me an “excuse mom”, either.

I digress on my rant, but I hope I leave everyone with the idea that life comes in stages. Right now, my stage is self-enlightenment through education. Maybe as my daughter gets older and more independent, and I finally add a diet and exercise plan to my balancing act, then it will be healthier mom time. Until then, I’ll just enjoy making memories.photo-1466699514193-d2327ed2cccb.jpg