Book Release: Alyeska 12/2/2016 Part 4

Happy Thanksgiving!photo-1445445166560-e1df5758c4f9

I am so thankful for everything in my life. My wonderful husband, darling daughter, house, job, and extended family; all of it is why I am celebrating this holiday with such enthusiasm, but there is something that is just the cherry on top that makes my heart go pop! (Like the rhyme? Don’t worry, I’ll stick with fiction.)

The release to my latest novel, Alyeska! For weeks now, I have gone on about my newest book. Here we are, down to the final week before release day, and I’m a jittery mess! No, it is not from the 30 oz. cup of coffee I have been consuming regularly to make it through this holiday season. I’m just so happy to put my latest masterpiece in your hands that I can hardly contain myself.

Not only am I thankful this year, as I am every year, but my giving spirit is in overdrive early this holiday season. I’m feeling a bit like Oprah! Except I’m not passing out cars.. Sorry. Actually, I’m going to giveaway something even better!


Feel the thankful and giving spirit? I sure do! If you would like a pre-release copy of Alyeska, simply follow my blog if you don’t already and comment on this post “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”! Three random lucky posters will receive a code for a free copy of Alyeska before the official release date for their reading pleasure.

And don’t worry if you are not selected in the first go around. I’ll be giving out pre-release copies all week via my blog and Twitter, so don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of chances to obtain your copy before the official release which is one week away. Ready for a wild ride?

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Alyeska today!

Mother’s Words – Learn to Fly

She held his hand, connecting to his soul on a level no other person in this world ever could, stroking his fingers lightly with hers. He looked into her eyes, knowing deep within that this woman was the reason for his existence, his reason for entering this world, and his reason to stay in it.

“You will never be able to be truly free until you can fly, baby. But to fly, you must first, run, and to run, you must first walk, and to walk, you must first crawl, but to crawl, you have to find the will within yourself to do so.

“I’ve held your hand through each stage, my child, teaching you how to crawl first once you found your will to do so, then walk, but you were the one to choose to run. You were the one who decided when you were ready to take that first heart pounding step towards freedom, and I thought you’d never stop.

“But I’m afraid, my love, that you lost yourself along the way, lost your will, your strength. No mother ever wants to see her son go through the pain of not knowing how to free themselves of their demons.”

He felt his eyes enlarge and shame wash over his whole body, making him visibly shake.

“Yes, I know your demons. I’ve seen them in your eyes at your weakest moments. I’ve seen them hold you down as I have tried to knock them off of you. And there is only one way to be rid of them, and that is to fly.

“But, my dear boy, I cannot teach you how to fly. That is one thing in this life that in order for you to do, I must let your hand go.

“You have taken such great care of me, my sweet little angel, but in order for you to know freedom, to know what it is to be a man that has conquered the darkness within, you must let me go and find the spark that I feel is alive in you.”

She lifted her other hand from the flowered bed spread to his face so slowly, weakly. He took hold of her wrist and rested her palm against his cheek, leaning into her touch, so fragile, so frail.

“I see it, Damien. I see it within your eyes, so much like your father. I know you can be the man you were meant to be, the man you were born to be, if you just learn this last lesson I plan to teach you.”

Her words were cutting into his heart like glass shards, all sinking deeper with each syllable. He knew what his mother was telling him, knew that this was it. His eyes filled with tears, brimming with the threat of their downpour like a summer storm.

“Live, my child. Learn to release the demons that keep you six feet under. Live, my baby, so you can be free. Don’t settle for nothing less than freedom, my son, and be happy. Learn to be happy above the clouds, Damien, and maybe one day, we can fly together.”