Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3

I’m struggling with this episode. Really struggling. I’m having a hard time pinpointing exactly why I did not enjoy this episode, but it’s there. I’m just not happy with it all.


They opened with Daenerys and Jon playing whose got the bigger ego, and it completely crushed my expectations. Nothing I thought that would be in that initial conversation happened, and instead it was this weird stand off, almost awkward tiptoeing around what should have been the real discussion. It was maddening and a complete let down. When they finally come around to the dragon glass topic, it was more empty words with no meaning or progression. Yay for getting the dragon glass, but what the hell does any of it matter if Daenerys doesn’t believe in the Night King and Jon doesn’t want any part of the war with the Lannisters? Just say it! Jon is a Targaryen, and let’s move on!!

I really think Cersei is an amazing villain. She’s a flipping genius in the Game that surrounds the Iron Throne, and even though it is easy to hate her, you almost believe she is justified in *some* of her actions. Justice for her children all around this episode, but I almost wonder if even though she appears to be winning the war, if she is losing everything else that was her life with it. I think Jamie is seeing the light in his sister/lover’s wicked ways, but as he told Lady Olenna, he’s far too deep to do anything about it now. Tyrion on the other hand really needs to stop trying to outsmart Cersei because, I’m sorry/not sorry, I don’t believe he can. She is too much like their father, and he is trying too hard to live up to the Lannister name even though he hates it. He needs a wake up call, and I think after this recent loss, he’s about to get one.

I really thought the reunion that was about to happen at Winterfell was going to be Sansa and Arya. No such luck yet, but with Bran back and being all “I’m the Three Eyed Raven”, maybe it will be finally revealed that Jon is a freaking Targaryen! The reunion fell flat to me, and I was hoping for so much more. I get Bran is different now with everything he has seen, but for crying out loud, it’s his sister he hasn’t seen in years!

So much is going on in these episodes now, it is becoming a little overwhelming, but it’s a whole lot of nothing. Sure they are showing each person a bit more, but the progression for me has gone from painstakingly slow to two steps forward three hundred steps back! Jon and Daenerys meet, but they are weird around each other. Cersei kills those who killed her kids, but doesn’t battle Daenerys. Theon gets rescued, but nothing happens. Bran comes back, and he says almost nothing. What is going on?! Give me something here!

Whew! Maybe I need to stop over thinking it and watch the show, but there are so many holes that we are just dancing around the edge of, it is driving me nuts! Hurry up, Episode 4. I need more!

Black Sails – Episode 403

I’m just going to jump right on in here and give you the lowdown on the third episode of this season.


This episode was fantastic and gruesome and fast-paced all in one exhilarating hour worth of pirate drama. I liked this episode, but it almost seemed like they crammed as much as they could into it.

Max and the general guy that I didn’t even care to remember the name of because he was such an ass get into a verbal battle where he insists on her delivering her informants or else be charged with treason and death. Max blows him off and further fortifies why I love her character so much. Loyal and strong no matter the price!

The Governor lays a trap for Blackbeard, Jack, and Anne and overtakes them. He then tortures Blackbeard until finally putting a bullet in his head. What a minute here! Captain Edward Teach, Blackbeard, the man, myth and legend does not die by the hands of England in Nassau or anywhere near it! He is in Treasure Island, for pete’s sake! How could they possibly kill him off?! The entire time he was captured and being drug beneath the ship I was waiting for something to happen, a plan to unfold, but nothing happened! Blackbeard died! How?! It was so rushed and glanced over, they hardly gave him the due camera time for a dignified death! Don’t get the wrong, the torture scene turned my stomach, but even that seemed rushed.

Then we get to the battle in Nassau, and again, so rushed! The general jerk dude didn’t listen to Elenaor when she gave him very clear advice. John Silver and Flint walk into the hanging square and wreck the place. At first it looks like no one has their back, but then people join behind them, even Billy shows up! Billy is obviously there because he supports John, but this will be interesting to see how the dynamic between him and Flint plays out. Finally, Hands slots the generals throat and the episode ends as the fighting resumes on the streets.

Overall, it was a great episode, but again too much too fast! That one battle int eh streets should have been played out way longer than it was. Even Blackbeard’s final moments Gould have been granted longer time than five minutes! Silly writers. I just hope it means they are gearing up for the finally episodes. Going to miss this show.