Signing “The Shoreline”.

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Back at it!

It has been a while, friends, but guess who’s back!

For the past couple of months I have been rather busy with real life events, all kinds of rite of passages, but now I am back and ready to publish my second novel!

“See you soon” was a great success! Over 1,000 reviews on all different distributing websites with an average of a 4 star rating; I call that an amazing starting point. I have to thank every single person who downloaded my first novel for helping me start my self-publishing dream.

But as with all things, I must go on!

My next novel to be published is another romance. It is a far more developed and lengthy novel than “See you soon”, and I believe it will surpass the ratings my first novel received. With every novel I write and publish, another piece of me goes with it. I cannot wait to share this piece with you!

Coming to readers August 2013. The perfect summer’s end novel.

“The Shoreline”

After years of staying far from where the ocean met the sand, Alexis can’t help but be drawn to a sexy surfer, Jason.

Alexis Anderson has a lot going for her in the near future. She has bills to pay, divorced parents to deal with, and a degree she has yet to find a job for which will put it to use. Her friends, Lori and Jordan, seemed to completely have their lives together with jobs lined up and goals to meet while Alexis was just hoping to stay above water. As the girls decide to take a beach vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, none of them would have ever guessed on finding love.

After all the years of staying out of the ocean, Alexis finds herself swimming within one full of emotions she could have sworn had never existed. Jason opens her eyes to a world of possibilities, but a sea of secrets stands between them. Overcoming them might be the greatest feat Alexis has ever faced, second only to her fear of being taken under by
another wave. As her love for Jason evolves, she hopes to find common ground somewhere between the ocean and the sand, the shoreline.



My first Christmas gift to you!

I have a pleasant surprise for you, my friends! My previous post stated that it isn’t about what to give during this beautiful Christmas season, but what that gift would mean to the receiver! This Christmas, I would like to give you the opportunity to read my first novel “See You Soon” completely free!  

This season, I would like to give you, my friend, the only gift that I know can signify a piece of me. I worked extremely hard on my first piece, putting slices of myself within the novel. With this gift, I know that I can take part in making your holiday even brighter! So far my novel has received a 4 Star review on GoodReads and a 5 Star review on Amazon!

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