New title: Aunt pt. 2

Just left the gender reveal! My sister and her significant other made cupcakes. Each had a pink and blue swirl icing top to a yellow cake filled with icing the color of the gender of the baby, blue or pink.

We each first guessed as we ate dinner (my guess was a girl) then for dessert, we were given a cupcake. I was too excited, couldn’t help myself, I cut the darn thing straight to the center and found..


I’m going to be an Aunt to my NEPHEW! Such a happy memory!

New title: Aunt!

I’m going to be an Aunt! 

You know how you look at a word, spell it a few times, see it randomly, etc., and it just looks like it’s spelled wrong. That’s me right now. Aunt. Aunt. Aunt. Weird.

My sister and her significant other are expecting their first child and tonight is the big gender reveal! I can’t wait to know what my potential niece/nephew is going to be! A new playmate for my daughter! Just so many new moments to be had, but my absolute favorite will be giving my niece/nephew back to their parents! Ha! Just like my dear sister did to me so many times. Hype them up, and send them home! Wahoo!

On a serious note. I try to look at each stage in my life, each milestone or chapter, as the next great adventure, and becoming an Aunt is absolutely falling into that category. I have big shoes to fill as my aunt and godmother treated me as her own child. I have so many memories of her and my cousins; I can’t wait to make them now with my niece/nephew!

By the way, I’m guessing niece! Stay tuned!