Working on my Auntie game

I get to see my nephew about once a week, and I make each week count! He’s so little now, but big for his newborn age. Already in three month clothes and only six weeks old! But every chance I get to hold that little nugget, I do!

When my daughter was a newborn, I used to feel so protective when anyone other than me or my husband would hold her, but now I see why every wanted to! I’ve had friends and younger cousins as babies around before, but there is something about my age now and babies directly related to me that makes me crave to feel their breath brush on my cheek as I brush mine with his. It’s heart melting!

And queue the baby fever!

Before I go and make baby number two happen, I’m working on my Auntie game. He’s too young to spoil with material items right now, so spoiling him with hugs and kisses will just have to do! I will spoil him so much for my sister and make him want to be held all time, just so Auntie can sweep in to the rescue! Muhaha! I just have to remember that is the Aunt to my daughter, so karma may bite back. Hmm..

Cost of Childcare

Is the cost of childcare directly related to how many children are born each year? I find it to be a very believable correlation.

I currently pay childcare for my daughter as my husband and I both work full time jobs. She loves her “school”, and I believe we have genuinely found a facility that loves her just as much. I will not consider moving her again after having left two previous providers, but that’s a different story for a different day. (Disclaimer: it was more about my satisfaction than my daughter’s as to why we left the other facilitators. She was happy, but I wanted more for her.)

View of a baby's forehead and nose with light blue eyes and light eyebrows

Moving on to my point. With the amount of money I pay on childcare, I could have a small house or townhouse in Florida! It is legitimately a mini-mortgage! I would never trade my daughter or any potential children I may have for said Florida home, but that is a real comparison.

If the cost of childcare wasn’t so high, I think I may have already had another child by now. I can’t believe I just said that out loud! It has taken me some time to get to this point, but I am finding it an inevitability as my daughter grows up and my baby fever spikes ever so slightly when I hold my newborn nephew. I know my daughter will be the most amazing older sibling, too, as she tries to be such a big help with her baby cousin.

It will be a few more years before baby number two is on its way, though. It could happen before then if we win the lottery, but for now, we’ll just anticipate the working our way to higher salaries the old fashioned way, grinding for every penny we earn.