Married, Year 7

It is the 7th wedding anniversary for my husband and me. Seven years married, and a lifetime to go. It’s interesting now to think back on the advice we have been given throughout our years together.

“Never go to bed angry.”

“Share the load.”

“Oh, you won’t be doing that for much longer!”

All of it was taken with a grain of salt because not a single person knows what goes on in some other couple’s relationship. Regardless of how close the outsider might be to the couple, they will never understand what it is like to be in your relationship with your significant other.

However, there is some sound advise out there. Not all of it should fall on deaf ears.

But, does advise ever grow old? Is there a time limit for the value of the advice? Does it grow stale over years, or lose its potency? Does it keep forever regardless of when it was given?

The best marriage advice I have ever read can be found in an article from a writer in 1886 named Jane Wells.

“Let your love be stronger than your hate and anger.”

Man, of they entire world doesn’t need that lesson right now, no matter the marital status. Letting hate and anger fester does nothing but foster more hate and anger. Only love can heal. True for life and marriage.

“Learn the wisdom of comprise…”

Another life lesson, but I feel this so truly for marriage as well. No one agrees with another individual completely on every topic known to man. And, if they do, they may need to take a journey to discover themselves. Find what really matters to them, and understand their own mind.

“Believe the best…”

Because the worst is sometimes an imagined doubt rather than truth. Give the benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven guilty.

“…living up or down to opinions.”

Set the bar high. Demand what you want, but be ready to compromise and be surprised.

“…true friendship…”

The basis of any marriage should be friendship. The couple should have a foundational bond of fondness toward each other, which will serve to keep them from falling apart. Friendships may be tested, but it is the connection between the two people that will endure.

“…hand this down to your children..”

Because the more things change, the more they become the “new norm”.

Finally, I leave you with this.

I have loved a man with my entire heart for over 15 years, and dedicated the rest of my life to loving him 7 years ago. It has been hard, full of compromises, times of anger, but the love we share is worth it. The relationship we have is everything to me because we keep surprising each other.

Happy anniversary, babe!

4th (Wedding) Anniversary

My husband and I have been together for almost 13 years, married for now 4 years. They say the traditional gift for the 4th wedding anniversary is fruit or flowers while the modern gift is a/an applicance(s). 

Flowers die. Well, at least mine do. And I can’t imagine a more backhanded way to tell someone what you think of them than to buy them a Dirt Devil vacuum, so I guess the fruit will just have to do.

And I don’t mean that I will be expecting fruit. No, no, ladies. As with every year, I will be giving the gift.

I have said this to my male friends, and they go into shock. Apparently most women only anticipate receiving gifts on such events rather than gifting one to their man, too.

This is unacceptable as it was a shared day when you and your partner joined in holy matrimony. Why shouldn’t both parties be on the receiving end in celebration of your union?

For my and my husband’s wedding anniversary, chocolate covered strawberries will be given​ to him in celebration of our love. How many will remain in the box before I give it to him as a gift is a different post entirely. One strawberry out of eight would still count, right? Mmm, chocolate covered strawberries.