Memoir: Love, Not – WattPad Exclusive

Live, today, is my newest completed project called Memoir: Love, Not. This 22 part, ~60,000 word novel will only ever be posted on my WattPad account, so join now and enjoy!

This book is a tale based on a true story of a high school girl experiencing what she believes to be love for the first time. The boy she falls for may be full of romance and a burning desire for her, but his only mission in her life is to consume her whole. She traverses abuse in every form while trying her hardest to discover her inner strength and who she is really meant to be.

This story isn’t for the faint of heart, nor those looking for fluff. I’ve written fluffy novels, and I promise you, this isn’t one. These events created a person strong and independent and unafraid to take on a challenge, but the past always remains in our minds as a reminder to the path we took to get us here. This unveiling of a trying time in this young woman’s life is meant to inspire choices very different from her own. Read with the understanding that these events are based in reality, but drenched with fiction. Enjoy!

Based on a true story – Memoir: Love, Not

I don’t care if you don’t believe me. This is my story.

I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. I mean, my own sister or anyone else I tell doesn’t, so it wouldn’t be anything new, but this is one hundred percent true. As true as I sit in this chair. As true as I scribble in this notebook, waiting to be seen at this free health clinic.

I wish every day that it wasn’t. I hate myself every day because it is.

My life could have been different, but I chose wrong. I know that now. I’m reminded every single day.

It’s gone on for so long that I’m not sure how I can even stop it. The only thing I can think to do, hope to accomplish with writing it all down, is that someday, maybe, it will help you to know which fork in the road you should take.

Maybe you won’t end up like me. Maybe you will choose the right path.

Maybe you’ll have a chance at a life completely opposite of mine.

I hope no one will ever live the life I have.


This story may contain triggers for strong emotional responses. Warnings will be posted on the various specific chapters such triggers will appear.

This is a very sensitive story. Please be respectful with your comments and feedback.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business, events, or locales is purely coincidental or used fictitiously. The author has taken great liberties with locales including the creation of fictional towns.

Working on my Auntie game

I get to see my nephew about once a week, and I make each week count! He’s so little now, but big for his newborn age. Already in three month clothes and only six weeks old! But every chance I get to hold that little nugget, I do!

When my daughter was a newborn, I used to feel so protective when anyone other than me or my husband would hold her, but now I see why every wanted to! I’ve had friends and younger cousins as babies around before, but there is something about my age now and babies directly related to me that makes me crave to feel their breath brush on my cheek as I brush mine with his. It’s heart melting!

And queue the baby fever!

Before I go and make baby number two happen, I’m working on my Auntie game. He’s too young to spoil with material items right now, so spoiling him with hugs and kisses will just have to do! I will spoil him so much for my sister and make him want to be held all time, just so Auntie can sweep in to the rescue! Muhaha! I just have to remember that is the Aunt to my daughter, so karma may bite back. Hmm..

Insomniac Rambling – #NaNoWriMo

I cannot sleep!

Mainly because I fell off my bike today on a gravel trail and messed my leg up, so I’m in pain, but still cursing the sandman.

I’m laying on my couch since I’m tossing and turning and uncomfortable even after pain medication. I don’t want to keep my husband awake. I’m scrolling through my social media feeds, looking up random bits of information, and just generally trying to tire my brain out when and idea hits me.

I don’t know where it comes from or why tonight at one in the morning it decides to makes it’s entrance, but here it is in all of it’s glory.

At the beginning of September, I committed to #NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, in which I will write 50,000 words in one month on an idea I either haven’t thought of or fully developed yet. I’ve been leaning towards one idea, but there isn’t a plot or any real basis for a story, so I wasn’t set on it.

Tonight, I think I’m set. Maybe insomnia is a good thing! We’ll see come November when I start writing. Until then, I’m working on the prep through an Instagram challenge for the month of September! Follow me on both!

The Greatest Showman – Movie Review

I have never been so captivated by a movie the moment it begins. The beginning number “Greatest Show” literally left me with goosebumps, and I couldn’t look away from the screen! With each piece of the story, each score, each beautifully cinemagraphed scene, I was hooked the moment Hugh Jackman came on the screen.The Greatest Showman poster.png

The real P.T. Barnum was not a man looking to expose the world to the oddities of the world, but a salesman, exploiting his customers desire to be “hoodwinked”. He even coined the saying, “A sucker is born every day.” He knew what it took to sell his product even if the product wasn’t the most moral or honest offering.

The P.T. Barnum in this movie was depicted as “the good guy”, giving a bunch of misfits an opportunity to be part of something that wouldn’t depict them as obscene or undesirable, but someone people wanted to see, paid money to be part of. It may be the truth that Barnum wanted to put these people in the limelight to be part of something bigger than themselves, but the real motive may not have been that golden.

Regardless of the morals of Barnum, this story was entertaining, beautifully scripted and scored, and the choreography was incredible. This movie brought out so many emotions, some of which almost drove me to leave the theater, but I won’t spoil that one for you. It is a powerful cinematic feature, and I enjoyed every moment of it, quickly reaching the top of my list of all time favorite movies. If you can’t tell by now, I highly recommend it. Did I mention I own the soundtrack and movie already?

My Taxi Ride to Buckhead – Atlanta, GA

I had never been so infuriated in my life! I had just stepped off a plane and made my way through the Atlanta Airport to the taxi lane. I was directed to the curb to stand under number two when a driver pulled forward. I only had my carry-on and a jacket on my arm, unsure of what the weather would be in Atlanta after leaving a dark, cold, and drizzling D.C. My weather app showed sunny and sixty, but if it were windy, I thought I might need the extra cover. Not so. It was a beautiful day.

Anyway, the driver doesn’t get out, doesn’t even roll down his window, so I step to the back driver side door and pull the handle. The driver doesn’t move to unlock the doors, so I tap on the window of the passenger door, trying to get his attention. The doors are still locked as the driver looks back at me then hesitates before pushing the unlock button.

I pull the door open, push my bag onto the seat next to me as the driver asks where I was going with a very Cajun accent. I missed what he said the first time, so I say, “I’m sorry, what?”

He raises his voice and asks again, and I can just make out his words. I tell him I’m going to the Grand Hyatt and give him the address. He asks if that is in Downtown, and I say I’m not sure and give him the address again. He flicks his wrist at me and says OK before taking off down a highway.

If I had thought traffic in DC was bad, I knew nothing about the traffic in Atlanta! Wow, how congested the interstates become at all hours of the day.

The driver sped over thoroughfares with the windows down, blowing cool air over my face and my hair in every direction but straight. We head straight towards the skyscraper buildings including one covered at its peak in gold. D.C. has huge buildings, but seeing these out of the context of an area I have lived in all my life has me in awe.

The driver speeds through yellow lights, almost running down a pedestrian as he yells out the window some obscenities I don’t understand with his accent. He finally slows down and makes a sharp left turn, sending my luggage flying across the backseat and smacking against the opposite door. He stops abruptly at the Hyatt Regency and says in his heavy accent, “Payment, please.”

I lean forward and take a look at the hotel in front of us and shake my head. My gut is telling me to get out of the car and ask the hotel to arrange for my transportation to my real lodging, but I don’t want my work to have to pay for two modes of transportation for what should be one trip. I’m stubborn, I know.

“I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt, not the Hyatt Regency.”

He said, “The other Hyatt is in Buckhead. You said Downtown!”

His anger fuels mine, and I snap back. “I have no idea where I’m at, and I gave you the address.”

“You wasted my time!” He yells.

I’m travel weary, hungry, and tired. I just want to get to my hotel room and relax, so now I’m shaking with my anger, on the verge of tears and raise my voice back. “Do you want me to get out?”

He quickly reverts back to his soft spoken accent. “No, I’ll take you there.”

Before I have a chance to stay anything else, he slams on the gas and peels out of the hotel parking lot back, heading back to the interstate. I fall back into my seat and stare out the window, my anger still hot in my veins.

As the heat wanes, I seriously begin to contemplate my safety in a vehicle with a strange man who obviously was angry with me, so I pull up my Maps app and make sure we are heading in the right direction this time. Sounds silly now looking back, but I’ve watched too much Law and Order not to be concerned about an angry taxi driver.

I take pictures of windows which show which cab I’m in, what number to call for questions or comments about your trip, and the rates for every trip type for the metropolitan area. I have every intention of calling about his behavior, but I never do.

We finally pull up to the Grand Hyatt after fighting more traffic, and the driver holds out his hand. I roll my eyes and place my card in it. I grab my stuff and step out of the car, desperate to be done with the horrible transportation.

He rolls down his window, hands me my card, and asks me to finger sign his tablet. I follow his instructions, moving through prompts for a tip and contemplate not giving one, but guilt pangs me. I hand back the tablet, and just as he is putting the car back in gear, I ask for a receipt.

He huffs as he hands the tablet back to me and says, “Put your email in.” I do and send myself the receipt. As I hand back the tablet and turn to walk away, he yells out the window, “No tip?”

I turn back to his window disgusted now that I did put one on my tab. “There is a tip.”

“OK,” is all he says before he speeds away, coming close to running my toes over.

I shake my head and grab my rolling luggage as the past thirty minutes douse me with a mixture of anxiety, anger, and disgust. The look on my face must have shown it all as I stood in the middle of the guest transportation drive. The concierge steps up to me with a big smile and asks if he can take my bag. I fight back tears as my emotions begin to dissipate and try to smile back with a nod.

The concierge guides me to the check-in desk and asks how my travel was, and I can’t help my honesty.


He looks back at me with an apologetic smile, somehow putting me at ease almost immediately. “Well, hopefully your stay here will be a better experience. If you need anything, please let me know.”

I nod again as I step up to the counter. “Thank you. I may take you up on that for my trip back to the airport.”

One of the worst experiences I have ever had in a taxi was in Atlanta, but I refused to allow it taint my trip while I was there. I enjoyed CAPstone 2018 and every other part of my Atlanta journey. Those are the memories I keep, and now that I have vented this disaster taxi ride, I can forget it ever happened. However, I will stick to Uber or Lyft for transportation from now on.

Last Day: Alyeska – Free Ebook on Amazon

alyeskacoverFinal call to all looking for their next book boyfriend or armchair adventure! Download your free copy of Alyeska on Amazon today! Hurry quick, this deal is just about gone. Grab your ebook and snuggle up!

Alyeska is a second chance romance for Ben and Kayleigh. Born and raised in the deep South of Texas, Kayleigh knew nothing about real snow and a winter breeze that can cut through you, but her journey to the tundra of Alaska was about more than a ski trip on the fresh powder. After a painful past, this weekend adventure was supposed to put her back into the world of dating. She’s determined to do it! Only she never imaged having to face her dark memories so soon. It shouldn’t have happened this way. It shouldn’t feel like a repeat! Then a voice, the most miraculously commanding voice she has ever heard echoed through her mind and rescued her from another horrid memory. He saved her, but Kayleigh will soon find out, he needs saving, too.

Would you like to read the first two chapters of Alyeska? Click me!

Project Management (PM) Specialty – IAAP

IAAP CAPstone 2019 - Certification Study BootcampRecently, I had the pleasure of traveling to Atlanta, Georgia for a conference called CAPstone 2018 offered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). Part of the offerings at this convention was a designation of Project Management for any who attended the two and half day seminars. My current employer was gracious to allow me to go, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to attend, not just as an escape from the cold front moving in on the northeast, but for another designation to put under my belt.

The course was a literal boot camp, more condensed than the actual boot camp the organization teaching the course provides on a normal basis. The usual five-day course given by PKMG for those going for the Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification was packed into the two and a half day program in a whirlwind of information and application. We studied everything from a work breakdown structure and schedule, risk analysis, communication plans and team charters, critical path, and stages of a team.

It was an intense experience, but one that I am glad I was able to participate in. As it was the first CAPstone program, there were no real expectations for comparison, but a sole goal to educate and push the attendees to achieving the designation. However, what I took away from the experience was more than just new initials behind my name.

I met so many wonderful, powerful women who knew what they wanted, knew what it meant to be an admin, and weren’t afraid to voice their opinion. These women actually took the time to learn my name and offered me advice as I took a phone conference on one of our breaks.

So, yes, I have new credentials, but I have also gained so much more. I gained colleagues I will assuredly reach out to for as long as they respond back. I gained a greater well of knowledge to tap into, more strength and confidence at the support group at my back. This experience wasn’t just about the designation. It became so much more.

Free Ebook: Alyeska

alyeskacoverAnd we are live! Coming to you from my very own website, here to announce my latest novel Alyeska is ready for your reading enjoyment via ebook reader, and all you have to do is download your free copy today! Hurry quick, this deal won’t last, and by won’t, I mean come Friday, 8/24, this deal is going, going, gone! Grab your copy today!

Whew. If I really had to say all of that out loud, I would have fumbled over every word and gave up at FREE EBOOK! My husband always makes fun of me when I try to say something fast, so I’m sure he would be on the floor laughing so hard at me with this one. Guess that’s why I’m a writer and not an actor.

Anyways! I hope you enjoy Alyeska, the steamy winter romance between Ben and Kayleigh in the Alaskan mountains at the luxurious Alyeska Ski Resort and Spa as they fight their past in hopes for a second chance in life. You may laugh. You may cry. But what I hope most is you melt within their whirlwind romance!

Would you like to read the first two chapters of Alyeska? Click me!

Alyeska – Free Ebook 8/20

There is so much happening right now, I don’t even know where to start! My birth month has me in such a phenomenal mood. My true Leo instincts are strong and flowing. I’m just ready to burst with how much hard work I’ve put into my writing and overly excited to share it all with you! alyeskacover

  1. Starting Monday, 8/20, my third self-published novel Alyeska will be a FREE ebook for five days only! That’s right! The beauty of the Alaskan mountains, the warmth of a budding romance, the irresistibility of a second chance in life, all bundled in one amazing novel will be yours for FREE. Don’t miss out! See below for an excerpt of Alyeska!
  2. I have finished part one of a three part series that I am calling Guardians – a Touched By Light series. It does have new adult romantic moments, but the focus in this novel is the paranormal aspect. Out of my norm, I know, but once I started on this project, I haven’t been able to stop! I am hoping to have a cover reveal soon! Until then, please enjoy my three written works already available for your reading pleasure.

Grab your copy of Alyeska on 8/20! The Alyeska Ski Resort and Spa awaits your arrival as Ben and Kayleigh fight for their second chance at life. Click below for the first two chapters in their story!

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