FLO Vitamins Review

I am a huge proponent of taking vitamin supplements. Unfortunately, most people’s diets no longer consist of the nutrients needed for a well rounded diet. In recent years, there has been more of a focus on eating green and less processed meals. However, for most of us, there are still gaps in our nutritional needs. Supplementing those needs with vitamins is a great way to meet your bodies needs.

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I am also a careful tracker. I don’t mean calories or weight, which I probably should be, but neither here nor there on this topic. I carefully track my cycles, their length, and any abnormalities in my hormonal health. Ever since I was a teen, my hormones would wreck havoc on my mind, body, and cycle. To this day, I still have flare ups with my hormones. I have tried conventional means such as birth control or other medicinal paths, but nothing has ever seemed to tame my acne, PMS, or cycle discomfort.

Through my careful tracking, I came across the FLO app, a way to track your cycle and many other symptoms that may be related to it. This app is crucial to knowing when to be ready for Aunt Flo and any prefacing symptoms my family should take shelter from. I love this app! It is a big help in the doctor’s office whenever they ask that famous question: When was your last cycle? It’s also a great tool to help talk to your doctor about any concerns you’ve had throughout the months.

But, one of it’s newest features is AI. The AI tool will actually give you tips on where you are in your cycle, such as you may feel happy, weak, or energized today. They even give exercise programs, ways to manage your symptoms, and alerts on when to talk to your doctor on any reported feelings. It’s a great app!

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While this is all great, what I would like to highlight today is a new product FLO has debuted called, FLO PMS Relief Gummy Vitamins. It’s been three months, almost three cycles, and I have to say, I like these vitamins. The flavor is amazing, but I wish they didn’t have so much sugar. I find it odd that these vitamins claim to help acne, but then have so much sugar per serving. Disclaimer: my acne has gotten a lot better since starting these, though! Texture, size, shape, and color are all great; no complaints there. They are soft, easy to chew, and smooth on the way down.

The most important claim to these vitamins for me are how they are supposed to make you feel throughout your cycle. After almost three now, I can report my cycles are seeming to be a bit better as far as pain and discomfort. The PMS portion seems to be shorter, as of now, and I feel like I’m not so irritable as long as I used to be. Overall, whether a placebo effect or not, these vitamins do seem to be helping! I hope more benefits come as I continue to take them!

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