The Empty Feeling Doesn’t Last Forever

There are very few people I’ve told. It’s not something I like to talk about. I deal with it in my own way. When I was a teenager, it was at its worst. As I’ve gotten older, there are still moments I feel it strongly, but I’ve learned how to better cope. Every now and then, I get stuck and it takes a while to break out of it.

Today has been one of those days where it’s taking a bit to pull myself out of it.

I used to suffer from depression. Now, I can better cope and work through my emotions without the suffering. It is still a process, but I am no where near where I was.

I went undiagnosed as a teenager. I struggled hard. There were very few who knew how deep my depression was. They would catch glimpses, but I was good at brushing off concerns. How I wish I would have asked for help. Maybe I would have learned sooner how to deal with it.

After years of struggling, I began to find what my triggers were, learned how to push through them, and keep them from sending me spiraling in the future. Again, it took years to get better at fighting my depression, but I am so glad I finally got help and stabilized my mental health.

Learn from me. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help. Break the stigma. No matter what mental condition you may have, there is a way through it to a better you. I’ve experienced it in myself and in others. I promise, the empty feeling doesn’t last forever.


Virtual hug 🤗

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