Tips to get your Christmas shopping done early!

That’s right! I’ve done it again! Christmas shopping for 2020 is now complete. Mind you, I typically pick up a few knick knack items if I run across them between now and Christmas day, but ultimately, I am finished! I make it my goal to be finished shopping before December 1st every year. That way I have about 25 days to wrap.. I hate wrapping.. Maybe I’ll invest in bags this year instead of wrapping. I digress.

Here are a few of my tips to getting Christmas shopping done before December 1st!

Keep a running list! I can’t say enough about keeping a running Wish List. I have one on Amazon for me, my husband, and my daughter as well as our extended family members that I constantly update. If I am at my parents house and my mother says she wishes she had a.. new curling iron! I’ll add one to my Shopping List on Amazon under her name and order it for Christmas. Keeping these ideas year long are an easy way to pick a gift for later, whether Christmas or some other celebration. It’s even better when the people you are buying for have their own lists to send to you, too, but I have found my lists tend to be more inclusive.

Monitor sales via Rakuten or Honey. This time of year means big sales! Sometimes sales are even bigger on days that aren’t Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Rakuten is a great way to get cash back for simply being directed to your sales website via Rakuten’s website. Super simple, and who doesn’t love cash back! Honey is another site to help you find the best deals. What I really love is the drop list. If you add an item to Honey’s drop list feature, you’ll receive notifications any time the price drops on an item you have been eyeing for purchase!

Finally, build your online orders then purchase at your financial convenience. I’ve learned the hard way that the best way to pay for a nice Christmas is to spread it out as much as possible. I try very hard not to finance any Christmas purchases. I am mindful to add items to my Amazon, Walmart, or other online sites cart, wait for the best deals, wait for a paycheck to clear, and purchase! For the few times that I have financed purchases, I’ve found the best credit card to be the Amazon Prime Visa Card. It allows 5% cash back and/or six months o% financing. Amazing!

However you make Christmas happen in your household, I hope you have an amazing Christmas season. Now, I have to go wrap.. Or, maybe I can talk hubby into buying bulk of Christmas bags. Oh, honey!

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