Going Zero-Waste – Ethique

Continuing on our zero-waste journey after discussing two of the areas in which we wanted to cut back our single use plastic, toothpaste and cleaning products, we now find ourselves at shampoo and body soap, or shower essentials. It still amazes me how many of these companies are up and coming in the zero-waste space. I want to badly to support them all, but when it comes to researching their true goals, we have quickly found which organizations align with our goals.

Ethique drew us in with their zero-waste products, but they don’t stop at just providing products without single use plastic. Their products go so far as being packed in compost-able material! Why is this a big deal? Because it means their waste, their packaging, their products end of life has no negative impact on the environment! AMAZING! Did I also mention they plant a tree for every order made?

Biodegradable vs. Compostable Packaging Materials by Alessandra Ruggeri

With this enlightened ideology in mind, we grabbed a few items quickly!

First, we ordered the Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar for Normal Hair. While my husband wasn’t too keen on the name of the bar, there are too many positives to purchasing the product that out-weighed its name. Plus, this is just a trial. We are sure to order different types are we continue on this journey.

The first time we tried the Pinkalicious shampoo, the scent was amazing! Very light and citrusy. Neither too feminine or masculine. There was no weight or residue left behind after a use. We were very impressed. Even my daughter seemed to like it. My daughter and husband have very similar, “normal” hair, so this product seems perfect for them. I, on the other hand, do not, so I prefer another product.

So second, we ordered St Clements Shampoo for Oily Hair for my hair. Ever since having my daughter, my hair has changed to be very oily. The only thing that I have to work on my hair now for the clean feeling is Biolage Normalizing Cleanreset Shampoo. I was a huge skeptic in finding a new alternative after what felt like months of searching when my hair went through an extra oily phase.

The St Clements scent is citrusy as well, but with more of a clean scent, like Pledge, but not as strong. I’ve found that based on your preference of suds, the 3-4 swipes of the shampoo bar over your hair weren’t enough. I’m more of a 5 swipe kind of girl. Once applied to your hair, the scent is barely there, leaving you with an almost free and clear feeling. Again, my hair has changes since having my daughter, so finding the right product took effort, but using St Clements feels effortless. My hair still has that clean feeling without the price tag of Biolage and the waste of a single use plastic bottle. I am extremely happy with this shampoo bar!

And, third, the Charcoal, Kaolin & Oatmeal Bodywash. We figured since we were going all out on shampoo, why not order some body soap as well. There isn’t much of a scent to this body wash, but its cleanliness is phenomenal! It seems weird at first to be using soap that leaves black residue before washing it off, but I’m sure everyone thinks that when they use charcoal toothpaste, face masks, etc. The oatmeal in the bar acts as a gentle exfoliator, leaving behind soft, smooth skin. The whole family loves this soap!

The final item we are trying from Ethique is their deodorant. I have very sensitive skin, so trying new soaps or deodorants always leaves me worried my skin will react poorly. I decided to take a leap of faith and try their Botanica Lavender & Vaniall Solid Deodaorant. The smell is very nice and the application is simple once you know how to do it. The coverage doesn’t seem to last all day, so there is recommendation of reapplying. I’m not a huge fan of its washing off feeling, though. It just doesn’t feel like it is completely removed from my body unless I scrub for a while.

With that feeling in mind, I may try another version of the deodorant from another company, but my overall happiness with Ethique products is a 9 of 10 stars! My skin has not reacted negatively, nor has my family’s skin, so that’s a win in our book.

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