Going Zero-Waste – Bite

Research ways to become zero-waste, and you will be amazed at how many small businesses are popping up everywhere! There are so many new organizations being born in this space, it took quite a while to decide which company to go with. On a broader scale, it became a focus as to what products to start with on this journey. After some serious thought, cleaning supplies, shampoo and soap, and toothpaste are where we decided to focus first.

In the toothpaste race, there are so many choices to choose from! There’s Unpaste, Chomp, Georganics, and so many, many more, all with the promise of zero-waste. For my family, it truly came down to a composition race.

Everyone knows there is fluoride in toothpaste. It’s what dentists swear by in the U.S. to keep cavities away by brushing twice a day. The government has even gone so far to say that there should be fluoride in our water supply to stop tooth decay! Whilst this is a nice notion, stop tooth decay with fluoride, what if there was a more natural alternative? As in, instead of an added chemical with the capacity to harm someone in an overdose situation, what if there was a similar, biocompatible alternative?

Ever heard of nHap?

This single ingredient drew us to Bite. Not only are their products shipped in glass bottles and cardboard boxes, but their product promises natural ingredients, nHap, without harmful chemicals, fluoride. We were amazed! Japan as a country has been using it for decades, and has proven it is an equivalent alternative. Some may say even better than fluoride! We made the switch right then and there.

Mint - 4 Month - Subscription product-image bite toothpaste bits toothpaste brushing teeth tablets zero waste bitetoothpaste plastic free
Bite toothpaste bits are awesome!

Bite arrived, as promised, in a cardboard box with it’s contents sealed in a glass bottle. We picked the trial version, which should last us about 15 days since hubby and I are both using it. It’s small, clear glass container is easily more appealing than toothpaste tubes, and quick way to be reminded to reorder when supplies are low. Bite does have a subscription, so they will ship to you on a regular basis, completely eliminating the need to track your supply.

The first time we tried it, we realized there is a learning curve. The instructions say to bite the tablet then begin brushing your teeth. We followed the instructions and immediately realized, for our own use anyway, we would like to chew it a bit more. Once bitten, the tablet starts to dissolve with the saliva in your mouth and the water from your wet toothbrush. A single bite does a decent job at cracking it open, but we still had pieces in our mouths at the end of two minutes. When we chewed a bit more, ensuring all pieces were finer in our mouths before brushing, it seems the tablet dissolves completely. A much better experience for us!

The flavor is a subtle mint as the tablet is chewed, but the lasting effects are not the scent in your mouth. With other toothpastes, it would take a while to taste anything other than mint in your mouth. With Bite, the mint is subtly there, but neutralized breath is the biggest win for us. Like the feeling of a baking soda based mouthwash or toothpaste, your mouth feels clean! As you are brushing you teeth, gums, and tongue, you can feel the cleanliness throughout you mouth as it debases morning breath, fights bacteria, and coats your teeth in cavity fighting protection.

All around, Bite toothpaste is a win! From its shipping and packaging to its clean feeling and ease of use, we will definitely keep this product around! Another amazing zero-waste find in our overall goal of lessening our single use plastic.

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