Going Zero-Waste – Blueland

Blueland’s amazing cleaning products!

If you haven’t seen the advertisements on your social media for Blueland yet, get ready to start seeing it pop up! The moment you read this article, the tiny gremlin in your phone tells Facebook, Instagram, etc., that you looked at something related to Blueland! Now every ad will be about the zero-waste company. (Insert maniacal laugh.)

Our household decided to go zero-waste for a number of reasons, but single use plastic is one of the largest drivers. Once we were done with a detergent bottle or a toothpaste tube, it was dropped in recycling, and hopefully, it is handled properly. Too many times now, I have seen that recycling isn’t dealt with appropriately, so instead of throwing it away, we looked at alternatives.

Introducing Blueland!

We have been using their cleaning suite for about two week now. And, yes, they are that company you saw on Shark Tank.

What brought us in to buy the product was the promise of zero-waste, meaning reusable bottles, and refills wrapped in paper and shipped in cardboard. There are a lot of companies out there that promise zero-waste but still ship their product in plastic sleeves or wrap their product in the microplastic containers. Don’t be fooled! Absolutely no plastic is involved with the products or shipping of the products for Blueland.


Blueland’s beautiful blue box!

When the kit came in, hubby and I were so excited! We couldn’t wait to get cleaning. We opened the beautifully packaged blue box, and each piece of the cleaning suite was wrapped in recycled paper to keep it from moving around. The reusable acrylic bottles are each labeled with their anticipated contents (mutli-surface, bathroom, and glass/window) as well as color coded (yellow, pink, and blue). Those colorful bottles also come with the spray nozzles which are equally as colorful. May be odd to think, but the bottles are beautiful! Next were pale colored tins for the laundry and dishwasher tabs, and a clear silicone bottle to house the dish soap.

LESSON LEARNED! We were so excited the products had arrived, we kind of skipped the part of reading the directions. Silly us. Learn from us: fill the bottles with water to the fill line. Drop the tablet into the water. Keep the bottle open, without the nozzle, until fully dissolved. If you put the nozzle on too soon, pressure will build up, and your nozzles will leak. The instructions actually tell you all of this, but we were too excited to start using them!

The laundry and dishwasher tabs don’t have a strong scent before use, and a very light scent (if any) after use on clothes and dishes. I haven’t been totally satisfied with these products cleaning ability, yet. One of the other reasons I loved the idea of Blueland right off the bat was because their products are composed of non-toxic ingredients. I know that means it is not only better for the environment, but also better for my family. However, losing any cleaning ability leads me to a bit of unhappiness. There have been stains on our dishes (coffee stain, spaghetti stains) left behind after a dish wash cycle. Same for our clothes. I know the product is cleaning all of it, but stain fighting seems to be an issue. We may try a different product for laundry and dishwasher tabs.

The dish soaps scent reminds me of Dawn, but on the lighter side, especially when in use. It cleaning ability is on par with Dawn as well. The window cleaner and the hand soap are my favorite scents, and my most favorite products. I’ve seen other reports of people not as happy with the window cleaner because of streaks, but it has worked well for us. The hand soap smells so good, and if I don’t have to buy all those plastic bottles to replenish our hand soaps, that’s a win for me! The bathroom cleaner is a bit more floral of scent to me, which is nice, but the opposite of the cleaner smells I’m used to. However, it works just as expected and makes me so happy that I no longer have to use such harsh chemicals for the every day cleaning.

Our new cleaning swag!

Finally, the multi-purpose cleaner has a lemony scent, but it’s more the bitter rind than the essence of lemon. I’m not a huge fan of the smell, to be honest. However, hubby and my daughter don’t mind it. The cleaning ability of the product is spot on, so I’m not opposed to continuing using it. With the same mentality of the bathroom cleaner, that the product is better to use than the harsh chemicals of others, I can suck it up on the smell and diffuse my lemon essential oils to my fill.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the company’s ability to provide products void of plastic! They absolutely accomplish that. As for the cleaning ability of their products, I will rethink their dishwasher and laundry tabs, but I am hooked on their hand soap, dish soap, window/glass cleaner, bathroom solution, and (even the lesser favorite) multi-surface cleaner. Excuse me while I go and click that auto-refill button!

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