Opinions are like..

Everyone has an opinion on any number of topics. These opinions are words created in our minds to form coherent thoughts and phrases in favor or dislike of a certain thing. Literally, it could be anything we form an opinion on, and it could be in any varying degree between loathe and love.

But, what so many people forget is none of them matter.

Opinions are like assholes; everyone has them.

With well over 7 billion people on this planet, each of them has billions of opinions cultivated within their brain. If opinions were physical matter, the world would be polluted ten times over with them!

Mars, here we come!

So, whatever higher power you believe in had the infinite wisdom in ensuring your thoughts, your couth brain waves, only weigh down your mind, and not the rest of the planet. Thank goodness!

You may ask, “Well, what do we do with our opinions if they are so unavailing?”

I am no almighty being, so I cannot attest to what the grand plan is/was for these ever scurrying mind mice, but I have learned something.

The more you say, the less people hear. Listen more. Speak less. And, only bare your thoughts if, and when, you can contribute to the progress of the discussion.

Wait for the light to come on first, then speak.

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