Next Adventure: New Job

About eight months ago, I left an organization that I had been with for seven years. For a day job, it was a great place to work, but I was hungry for more that I knew I wouldn’t find there. I was offered a new opportunity at an extremely fast growing company, and was ready for the challenge.

The company I had been with for so long was in the water/wastewater industry. It’s considered quasi government, so to me, it felt like a community service organization. I hated to leave the industry, especially for a government contracting gig, but the new industry sounded interesting, too (aerospace)! I was happy to move up in the world of titles, responsibility, and, let’s face it, compensation, but it didn’t take me long to feel like something was missing.

The aerospace organization I joined has a mission to “change the world”. It is admirable and achievable based on the direction and projects the company is working on. I sincerely believe, one day, they will, but I have found myself wanting.

I miss the feeling of service. I miss the understanding that without the water/wastewater industry a community, or even broader, civilization, would crumble. The feeling that I am doing something to help my neighbors had given me such peace, and I miss it!

Thus, after eight fast paced months, I have found my way back. I accepted a position at a new-to-me organization in the water/wastewater industry, and I am over the moon to be rejoining the public sector! I cannot wait to start to feel the gratification of service again!

While I have made many friends and colleagues at the aerospace company, I finally feel like I am going back where I belong! Today marks the end of the chapter of self-realization in my day job attribute, and Monday begins my gratitude that I finally feel like I understand myself in this small way. I love the water/wastewater industry! #Waterislife

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