TV Show Review – The Passage

thepassagepromo43The new Fox series The Passage is a must watch! It has been a long time since a real TV show has captured my attention, but this show has me begging for more. My husband and I just binge watched the five released episodes and cannot wait for the next one! It’s a cross between The Walking Dead, The Strain, and I am Legend.

Let’s get a closer look.

IMDb: When a botched U.S. government experiment turns a group of death row inmates into highly infectious vampires, an orphan girl might be the only person able to stop the ensuing crisis.

To whomever wrote the description, summary, and tagline, it does not do it justice. We had no idea what we were getting into when we first started to watch this show as the previews were confusing and the synopsis is vague. Based on the advertisement for the series, honestly, we probably never would have watched it on our own, but thanks to my mother-in-law and the author of the book, Justin Cronin, this show is based off of, we gave it a try. So glad we did!

Warning: may contain spoilers. You have been warned!

Now, the first episode builds the story of why the little girl, Amy, is chosen. She has no family. No ties to anyone. They say she’s the perfect candidate after testing viral strands on adults for so long because children’s brains are different. No one will miss her. It broke my heart when this little 10 year old girl has to sit in a fast food restaurant all day because her mom tricked for her high. And, when here mom died, the little girl is thrust in to another crazy situation of being kidnapped, but luckily Agent Brad Wolgast is there.

As the Agent and Amy go on the run, things slowly spiral out of control at the government testing facility as the adults who have been tested on gain power. The scientist running the tests won’t call the adults vampires, but that’s what the subjects have become. They drink blood and seem catatonic, but the truth is they are very active within their minds, speaking to one another telepathically. The strongest is Test Subject 0, Dr. Fanning who was bitten by an original vampire when trying to find a cure for disease in South America.

Finally, after running for days, Amy and the Agent get caught and brought to the test facility. Unfortunately for Agent Wolgast, the big bad Dr. Fanning is already powerful enough to cross into untainted people’s minds.

They start to evolve the story of the two doctors who had searched for a cure for disease as Dr. Lear’s wife has Alzheimer disease, but found the vampire virus instead. Dr. Fanning begins toying with Dr. Lear, exposing his feelings for Dr. Lear’s sick wife. The vampires are starting to control the humans, and Dr. Fanning has a human inject Dr. Lear’s wife with vampire blood!

This show is amazing!! Now, some of the time jumps are tricky as there is tiny little text at the bottom that give you the time frame, and it is hard to keep up within a few areas. Other than that, I have no qualms about this series thus far.

The casting is also winning me over! I get hunky Zack from Saved by the Bell; cunning Lucky Luciano from Boardwalk Empire; and, the cutest 10 year old girl actress who is absolutely slaying the role. We are eagerly waiting for the next episode, so way more to come from me!

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