Book Review: Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland

Ah! My bread and butter. I love me some steamy romance! Sometimes it’s nice to come back to home plate every now and then. I need some beautiful character building and bonding, watching a relationship grow and taking hold of two characters is so amazing. I can almost feel the magnetic pull these characters experience as the story transforms their lives from comfort to wild paths of lust and eventual serenity of love.

Deep dive coming up!18080889

Goodreads: It didn’t matter that the ref called it a clean hit. Nico Hunter would never be the same. 

Elle has a good life. A job she loves, a great apartment, and the guy she’s been dating for more than two years is a catch and a half. But it’s boring…and she strives to keep it that way. Too many emotions are dangerous. Her own past is living proof of what can happen when you lose control.

Then Nico walks into Elle’s office and everything changes…for both of them. But what can the tattooed, hard-bodied MMA fighter and the beautiful and always steady attorney have in common? A lot more than they bargained for.

Warning: may contain spoilers! You have been warned!

I LOVE NICO! There is something about this character that just immediately made me like him. Maybe it was his cocky attitude and swagger or that he actually cared about Elle’s integrity. Whatever the reason, I seriously like this male lead! I never thought I was one for MMA fighters and the violence the make their money off of, but ever since Beautiful Disaster, I’m digging these brutish dudes.

There is a moment in this novel when things just seem to be going so wrong for the characters that they have a sit down to try and make it right that really hit me hard. Nico says, “It’s harder for you to avoid me when I’m right in your face,” and that is so true. When someone you care about is really close, there is nothing you can do but open up and hope for the best. Elle takes a leap of faith and lets Nico in on her past, and it is such a heart breaking moment. I can feel her pain as she sobs through the moment, and it is absolutely beautiful to witness the weight as it lifts off her shoulders.

The conflicts are real and heartbreaking. The scenes are steamy and romantic. The love that builds is forgiving and beautiful. Definitely worth the read. And re-read!

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