Tattoo Me

I now have a total of four tattoos. Judge me all you want if you don’t like tattoos, but I love them, and before you step on your soap box, here me out. Each and every one of them have meaning.

The first tattoo I got at 18, young, wild, and free. My best friend at the time and I got matching butterflies on our ankles. The artists weren’t the greatest, and the butterflies are lackluster, but in that moment, it was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to do something crazy, something our parents probably wouldn’t like, but most of all, I wanted to make a lifelong memory with my best friend. Now, it’s a forever reminder of that crazy summer, one I will never and don’t want to ever forget.

My second tattoo was in two parts. The first was a word, Fayeth, and later I added a Navy anchor and the article “of”, so it became Anchor of Fayeth. This is my dedication to my husband’s grandparents who passed in 2011 and I was very close with.

Next and more recently, I added a tribute to my maternal grandparents who passed in 2015. A horseshoe and rose over my right shoulder will forever symbolize the greatest memories I have with them.

Lastly, the sparrow and nautical star on my other ankle. This is extremely emotional for me to discuss because the greatest sense of loss I have ever experienced in my life thus far is the day I lost one of my closest friends since childhood. It was just too soon, completely unexpected. She drew this sparrow and star so long ago, but it’s because she drew it that I have placed it on my body forever.

So, you may still not like them, but you cannot deny that sometimes they have a greater meaning and purpose. They may not be for you, but they are exactly what I need.

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