Coffee is my lifeblood

I must have a cup of coffee in the morning! You think the boogey monster is scary; you should see me without coffee. I can’t function without it. My brain refuses to wake up until my cup is empty.

Honestly, the caffeine is needed, but it is not what drives me to it. The warmth of the liquid. The swirling steam billowing from the cup. The earthy, roasted aroma soothing my muddled brain. It’s like a pep talk in a cup. A reassuring hug first thing in the morning. Coffee doesn’t judge. Coffee understands. I may look a hot mess in the morning, and the noises reverberating from my throat may sound like a terrifying monster, but coffee just smiles and says, “drink me, and I’ll turn you into a princess”.

OK, princess is a stretch, but once I’m done with that first cup, I tell you what, THE QUENN REIGNS!

OK, again, I stretch the truth, but you get the point. I drink the stuff. I do the stuff. An elixir of life! I’m too dramatic for my own good.

Can you guess how many cups I’ve had today? 🙂

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