Television Commentators – The Talking Heads

If you have never read Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, put it on your to read list right now! It is one of my all-time favorite novels that has transcended time, remaining relevant from its publish date of the 1950’s to today. The dystopian world it depicts is something that I can honestly see happening in our future, and it all stems from those darn talking heads.

Have you ever watched a television show, specifically a sport telecast or analysis program, and listened to what they said at face value? Regardless if they are praising your favorite team, or sharing an opinion you think you formed before they spoke it. Have you ever truly just listened to what these people are saying?

These commentators are feeding you what they want you to hear based on their opinion, their likes and dislikes, hardly ever based on fact. These people spout their reviews on anything they find dignified and expect you to swallow it without question, accepting their opinions as your own viewpoints.

It blows my mind some of the bias that happens every day, and the censorship that cleans up the language. I am fully capable of forming my own opinion on what happened during any given sporting event or any occasion that may be reported on the news, etc. If only journalism meant reporting again, instead of Op-Ed-ing everything commentators may find worthy of discussing.

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