August: Peridot, Leo, Lindsay

I feel there are certain persuasions in our lives that help to mold us into the people we become. My birth month is one of those things for me.

August is the month of peridot birthstone, commonly in a green color. If you know anything about me, one thing is for sure, I love green! My car and purse is green. My wedding colors were white and green. I just love it!

It’s also the month of Leos. Now, I don’t really buy into the whole zodiac thing where the universe can predict the future, but I really do believe in my sign. I’m fierce, stubborn, hot tempered, and ready to go after any and everything I want. If that doesn’t describe me and a Leo better, then I don’t know what will.

As I go through my birth month, I can’t help but feel excited as I connect with what makes me, me. It’s the perfect time to evaluate my life this far, the ambitions I’m after, and the future I’m molding. Happy birth month to me and all Leos out there!

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