migraineOne of the worst feelings in the world is being out of control of your own body. This can come in many different forms whether self-inflicted such as drugs and alcohol or our own bodies rebelling against us in the shape of migraines and worse medical conditions.

My current affliction, as my doctor calls it, are cluster migraines. I’ve had them for a few years, before I was pregnant even, and this last one was the worst. It started out as the corner of my right eye twitching for a few days in a way I have never felt before. On Sunday, it all came to a (more specifically, my) head.

I woke up and started to get ready for my day when I noticed a shimmering in the corner of my right eye. That is always a dead giveaway for me. I took two ibuprofen and headed out the door for my daughter’s swim lesson. On the way there, my husband drove as my vision was completely clouded in my right peripheral, and I struggled with my words. By the time her lesson was over and we were on our way home, my head was throbbing, I felt nauseous, and I just wanted to hide in a dark room.

I ended up sleeping the day away. Bless my husband for being Super Dad. I woke up late afternoon, ate some dinner, and folded laundry with a dull throb and continued sensitivity to light and noise. Fast forward to Monday morning, and the migraine hangover is still there. Calmer, but still present.

My doctor once prescribed me medicine for my migraines, but it didn’t seem to affect anything other than my pocket more than the over the counter headache medicine does. It’s a surreal feeling when you realize your body needs assistance. It serves as a reminder that these shells that carry our souls are temporary, malleable, and painstakingly mortal.

3 thoughts on “Migraines!

  1. I can totally relate to this. I have been getting migraines for years now and it is the worst nightmare. I experience losing my control when I was in a public place. I was really in pain and I could not think normally. And like you, I am glad I have a very responsible, loving and understanding husband and dad to my kids. Us mothers should take care of our own bodies too, we often forget about it and just take it for granted. rush essay review


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