Lidl Shopping

If you haven’t heard of Lidl yet, you will! It is a grocery store chain out of Europe that has taken my area by storm, offering better selections and lower prices than even Aldie! I prefer Lidl over Aldie any day!

Like Aldie though, Lidl’s selections are of their own production with some off brand and name brand selections. Half their selections are organic while the rest claim to be preservative and/or additive free. And did I mention their prices? I have never seen eggs or milk at a grocery store so cheap! Gosh, I’m such a mom.

I have literally cut my grocery bill in half! There are still some items I have to go to Harris Teeter for, but that is because I am picky about my daughter’s milk and my makeup. Other than these one-off items, I am now a Lidl-er!Image result for lidl

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