Back to Basics

Life is all about building you up then throwing you back down as fast and as many times as it can. You get used to something then it changes. You get into a routine and a wrench gets thrown in it.

Then the excuses start. Oh, I’ll get back to it later. Oh, I have to do deal with this then I’ll deal with that. All the while, what had been the goal is slowly forgotten.

Until that goal comes back in a new light, possibilities for accomplishing it unveiling themselves through the excuses, and suddenly, your back to basics.

You’re back to figuring it out, fitting it into your routine, making it work.

Life has a funny way of pushing and pulling us through time, kicking and screening all the way, but this time, I’m back to my basics.

I will fight to keep this routine again, and life will laugh at my plans, but what this crazy ride doesn’t realize is, I need this. I need to write. I need to be heard. I need this outlet to find readers who want to escape as much as I want to give them one. It’s time to start again, and this time, dogdge the wrenches.

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