Flying above the clouds pt. 2

There is something awe inspiring about the ability to fly. Standing on the ground, looking enviously up at birds as they effortlessly defy gravity is all man could do before the Wright brothers said, “hold my beer.” Now, modern aviation can fly hundreds of people at once in a single vehicle, defying gravity on our own and soaring high above any bird with our artificial wings. 

As I sit on this aircraft, flying on a United Airline Boeing 757 at approximately 30,000 feet above the ground, I can’t help but think how small everything below us seems. Everything from up here seems like a tiny sliver in the grand scheme of the world. Small mountains encompassing smaller towns with invisible people and their imaginary issues. I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s journey in life, but from up here, it isn’t visible. It’s as if the world has its own life and ideas of what is important, and it isn’t the fabricated problems of the invisible people in the tiny town sorrounded by the small mountains.
It makes you wonder if before modern aviation, before the Wright brothers when people kept their feet on the ground, if birds would look down on us with pity. If they would see us tiny people milling about their small town and think how insignificant we all are to the grand scheme of the entire world they could see from above.
But even with this new perspective, we still see our lives as the largest part of this world. Maybe one day we can be like birds and see this big, old world for what is and ourselves as only a tiny part of it.

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