Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2

We’re diving right in here this week, so take your warning now!


Daenerys in the war room, planning with Tyrion and Varys, gave me chills as she later repeats Tyrion’s words, no “Queen of the Ashes.” Her story has progressed the furthest in my mind from where she started, and now that she has finally made it to Westeros, I was hoping for the big battle of King’s Landing! No such luck, and now things are seeming a bit shaky as all of Dorne’s hierarchy has died; Theon has abandoned his sister Yara to be their Uncle’s captor, and there is only one place he will go with her. Back to Cersei. Daenerys’s allies are dwindling quickly, and I hope with everything in me that she won’t be defeated by the Lannisters!

I’m so freaking antsy to get to next episode and see Daenerys and Jon meet for the first time. I’m really all over the place with ideas and theories as to what might happen during their meeting, but man, they are trying so hard to guide us to a conclusion that I’m so torn to believe. When Melisandre said Prince that was Promised and they quickly clarified that it could be a Princess as well, it is clear the writers are attempting to guide us and split us to believe that Daenerys may be Azor Ahai. I just can’t come into that conclusion. It’s Jon! It has to be! He’s both snow and fire, part Targaryen, part Stark. It has to be him!

Speaking of Jon, I really hope he didn’t mess up by choking Baelish. Little Finger is absolutely the reason for this entire Game! He orchestrated it from the start! He wanted Cat, couldn’t have her, so now he is after Sansa. Don’t tell him what he can’t have, Jon. I really hope that wasn’t a mistake.

I also cannot wait to see Arya and Sansa’s reunion. I believe the last time they were in the same room together, they loathed each other. Now, they are all each other has of the Stark bloodline plus Jon. Oh, and Bran, but he’s been so MIA for so long. I’m hoping it will be sweet, but I’m so afraid that since both have grown into such strong women that one might hold a grudge against the other. Hopefully, the writers keep it sweet because they really hurt me with the Director Wolf scene. I hope that doesn’t mean that “you can never go home”.

Did anyone else notice that Billy Bones of Black Sails was started in this week’s episode?! What the hell, Billy? Are you a pirate, or what?! Just kidding, but that was a fun cameo. His time as a Tully may be short and sweet though if he dares take on the only Tyrell remaining. Lady Tyrell is no daisy, but a thorny rose!

So much is happening in this season already, and I am so glad to finally be feeling like there is progression! But it also reminds me that the end is near. NOOOO! 

Check back next week for Episode 3 review!

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