Game of Thrones – Season 7 Episode 1


I am a diehard GOT fan! I admittedly found the show before the books, and I have yet to finish the novel series, but I do aim to one day complete them. The show, on the other hand, I have been a fan of since day one! The actors are perfectly cast. The plot is well driven. And, even though there are so many characters to get to know, I have love for them all. Some I hate, but deservedly so (aka Bolton’s!). I have even found a Game of Thrones wine that helped christen this episode tonight! A review on that part of the night to come.

This series has me captivated, and I cannot wait to see how this season unfolds as we gear up for the final season. Now, on to the review of the episode!


What a start! All hail the King of the North! Jon Snow is back, and I am so glad he laid a verbal smackdown on Sansa! She should have Jon’s ear, absolutely, but she needs to watch her mouth when belittling his decisions in front of all the other houses of the North. She will certainly be an asset as the battles rage, but everything before a “but” is bullshit. Ha!

Cersei is losing it, in my opinion. She may have listened to her father for forty years, but she’s making so many mistakes already! After losing her children and the rest of her bloodline, to say that she and Jamie are the only two Lannister’s that matter is insane. I could never imagine as a mother saying that my children, deceased or not, didn’t matter. Her heartache will be her downfall.

Poor Bran is only ever shown for a mere few minutes since the first season. Hopefully he gets more facetime as this season progresses.

The Hound seemed to really capture a great portion of time in this intro, and I’m terrified at what that means given his recent vision. The Wall is coming down. I know it, and he may be the only one, along with Tormund, to save the realm, or at the very least, delay the dead army. 

The other Stark, the lady who stole the show to me, is a freaking beast! Arya is a freaking boss, and the quote of the night goes to her! “Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.” Boss! Her list takes another scratch as she tallies up her kills of traitors to the Stark name.

Daenerys is finally home! Can we just dwell a moment on how beautiful a homecoming that entire scene was? It was peaceful and quiet, but held so much weight as she looked upon her new castle. Another boss as she gets right to work rather than take even a moment to be back home in her birthplace and sit on her beautiful throne. That throne at Dragonstone was way better than King’s Landing, just saying. 

At the end of the episode, I turned to my husband with my best Oliver Twist impression and said “Please, sir, I want some more.” What an amazing first episode! I want more!! I am so glad this show is back, but it breaks my heart to think that there are only six episodes left. Ah! I can’t imagine what this season is going to hold as we lead up to the final episodes of the entire series, but I swear to you, I will be a mess through the entirety. Thank the Lord of Light for Game of Thrones Chardonnay.

Check back next week for Episode 2 review.



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