To The Beach!

frank-mckenna-222543.jpgIt has been FIVE years since I have been to the beach. FIVE!

It has been five years since I have felt the warmth of the summer sun competing with the cool wayward sea breeze and salt spray on my skin. Five years since I have felt the coarse embrace of the powdery sand exfoliating the winter months from my body and leaving me feeling polished and new.

FIVE YEARS since I have heard the wonderful roar of the waves crashing against the shore as the seagulls lull me into to sleep in a paradise I have never felt anywhere else than at the beach.

I am dreaming of the moment my feet touch the sand again. I am longing for feel of the sun and the ocean spray on my face. I cannot wait to hear the lazy caw of the seagulls floating on the wind and the commanding sizzle of the waves breaking against the shoreline.

All too soon I will be there, and all too soon will it be gone. A weekend in paradise to refill my daydreams anew until one day I can find my own home by the sea.

Not only will it be my first time in a long time, but it will be my daughter’s first time ever. I cannot wait to see her face when she feels the sand in her toes and hears the ocean’s call. I know she will love the beach just as much as me!

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