High School Reunion

baim-hanif-89800I can’t believe it is my husband’s ten year high school reunion!

For those who do not know, my husband and I met in high school my freshman year. From the first few months of my first year of high school, he and I became best friends, and soon, our budding relationship turned romantic. Fast forward to almost thirteen years later, and we are wondering where the time has gone?

It feels like yesterday when we were sitting in our science and Spanish class passing notes to each other. Those florescent white lights beaming down on us as we snuck through the halls for quick kisses feels like such a new memory, not one that has gathered ten years of dust!

I think back on our high school days, all of which we didn’t particularly enjoy, and wonder, what was the rush about? Why were we so anxious to get out of school when now it feels like it was over in a blink of an eye? Why did it feel like such slow torture in the moment, but looking back on it now, it barely seems like a fragment of a second in our lives?

Ten years ago, I would have never guessed what I would be today. I am proud of what we have, what we’ve accomplished and become, but I am most proud of who we are together.

Back in high school, the drama seemed never ending, but now, I realize, it was barely even a chapter in the book of the rest of lives.

Moral of the story on this bit, my friends: don’t squander a moment, for it passes faster than you realize and fades from memory even quicker.

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