Heart Tissue from Spinach Leaves?

OK, just woah. Woah. WOAHHH!

I know that is not very literary of me, but I think I might actually be at a loss for words. I mean, who the hell sits at the dinner table, eating a spinach salad and thinks, “Hmm, if we remove everything from this leaf and push blood through, maybe we can make heart tissue for people who have had heart attacks.” Like, who are these people?

Researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute are now taking spinach leaves and transform them into human heart tissue…that beats. They are showing promise that removing everything from the spinach leaves and leaving just the vascular system the leaf contains then attempting to grow tissue within it that actually beats can actually help someone who has suffered a heart attack. These leaves would replace the dead tissue left after the attack and beat with the rest of the heart.baby-spinach-leaves

I am extremely grateful for geniuses like these, but could you imagine living in their heads? Holy cow! I’m literally floored by this! I think I’ve rambled enough. Here’s the article and interview of these absolutely amazingly smart people.

Just wow.

Transforming Spinach Leaves Into Heart Tissue – wbur: Radio Boston


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