Black Sails Season 4 Episode 6

black-sails-tv-series-on-starz-cancelled-no-season-fiveI’m not OK with this series, either, only for entirely separate reasons than my feelings for The Walking Dead. Black Sails is slowly pushing me away as the finale nears, and I am so desperately trying to hang on! There were so many moments in this episode that I literally yelled at the TV, startling my husband, that this is not how the ending of this show should go! I had a completely different vision for the ending of this show, and this is not it! I’m hoping as the show approaches the series finale that everything will start to fall into place to at least resemble something along the lines of what I had anticipated, something that sort of looks like the preface to Treasure Island, because right now, I don’t see it.


This is not how Eleanor is supposed to die! Why announce that she is pregnant then kill her? How silly! You build up sympathy for her then have her die secondhand to her husband. I get that it may become Roger’s undoing to find out that Eleanor was pregnant with their child, but why build her back up only to kill her off without the retribution everyone involved in this darn series wanted? Was the point to prove that your wife always know best? I don’t think that message came across clear enough if truly the purpose.

And why kill Madi? To make Silver more emotional? To also push him to an edge, ready to fly off and attack Roger’s with everything he has just as Roger’s will likely do with the death of his wife? It was definitely a heart wrenching moment to see Silver breakdown over Madi, and to see Roger’s cry over Eleanor’s body, but it just feels wrong. Like the entire Jack and Anne battle in the belly of the ship, it just feels out of place and pushing the story in the wrong direction.

Now that the Spanish have arrived in Nassau, does Roger’s truly believe they will just turn around and leave after pushing the pirates out? Could he really be that blinded with hatred of the pirates that he doesn’t see that Spain now controls the town, not Britain. How desperate of a character he has become.

And at the closing of this episode, Max wants to go to Eleanor’s grandfather and ask for his help, but why would he help pirates? How can she spin it in a way that he would actually give his aid to their cause? Tell him that Roger’s killed Eleanor and is a traitor to the country since he teamed up with Spain? That might work, but he’d more likely take one look at Jack and Anne and send them all to the gallows.

I just can’t see where this series is going to end in a way that might leave me happy. I just don’t see it!   

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