The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12

season-5-walking-dead-promo-posterWhat a filler episode! I mean literally, can anyone tell me exactly what happened in this episode that was any resemblance to forward motion? This episode has left us exactly where we started with the last one. I’m sorry, but it was almost a waste of time except for one redeeming factor.


I am absolutely in love with Michonne and Rick’s romance. They are by far two of the strongest characters of the show and bringing them together for a more intimate relationship only proves to me why this show is continuing, the real moral of the story as explained by Rick in this very episode.

Judith and Maggie’s baby are the future. They are the hope for tomorrow. The hope that even in a world of death, life can still exist and thrive. Even if one person dies, like Glenn or Abraham, life goes on, and those left are meant to keep going.

This was the only real highlight of this episode to see their relationship take form in a whirlwind of raw appeal for one another. Other than the public display of affection, there wasn’t much to it. They found guns, but they weren’t enough for the new group of one-liners to give assistance. Rosita is still depressed and ready to die in an attempt to assassinate Negan which she has now enlisted Sasha.

By the way, can we please give Sasha better lines? This entire season, any face time she has is filled with basic, two word sentences. Her and Abraham’s dialog was amazing when they were first getting together, and now, they have reverted her back to very elementary conversations. She’s an amazing character who has lost as much, if not more in some cases, than anyone else. Give her a little something!

Team Rick and Michonne all day!

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