Black Sails – Season 4 Episode 1

Before my daughter was born, my husband and I would spend many hours binge watching television series and movies whenever we were experiencing bouts of laziness. I think we watched all four seasons of Breaking Bad in a week right before the fifth was airing. We were dedicated to say the least. During those early days of our marriage, we heard about a series called Black Sails on STARZ. Now if you know my husband you know he enjoys ninjas and pirates, typical guy, but when we researched and found out it was based on characters of Treasure Island and true pirate history, we knew we had to see it!black-sails-tv-series-on-starz-cancelled-no-season-five

Let me first say that this cast is full of beautiful people. I mean drop dead gorgeous men and women! The show is obviously supposed to take place before personal hygiene was ever a real concern, but even as greasy and dirty as some of the characters appear to be, it only adds to their sensuality. Tom Hopper, Luke Arnold, Zach McGowan, and even Toby Stephens are extremely gritty, tough men oozing with sex appeal. (Zach McGowan’s voice is so hot!) Hannah New and Jessica Parker Kennedy are beautiful and strong women who at times seem to have the upper hand on the men in their lives. (Jessica Parker Kennedy’s accent is sensual!) Clara Paget is a true pirate, but her moments of femininity show her for the true gorgeous woman she is.

The entire series has been building up to this season, and I am so sad that this fourth one will be its last. There aren’t any other pirate dramas on television that I am aware of, so for this storyline to be finished really hurts me! (That and the fact that most of the series we like are coming to end! *coughGOTcough*)

***SPOILERS***You have been warned*** 

In the first episode of this final season, we open to someone drowning as we recap on the events leading up to what was supposed to be the epic battle for Nassau. I literally just summed up the entire episode in one sentence. I’m so happy this show is back because as I said we are very exited about the series, but this episode left much to be desired as the season opener.

Flint’s grand plan on retaking Nassau fails as we all suspected it would. John Silver is the guy drowning at the beginning as the ship he and Flint are on sinks because his peg leg gets caught in a net after Flint drives the ship into a watery ship graveyard trap. Eleanor is married to the governor who is suddenly asking for complete submission of those who claim loyalty to England as his debt climbs high and his creditors are demanding payment thanks to his now ex-wife back home, so Eleanor is no longer the dominate woman we once knew. And Jack finds a crazy bone in his body and asks for a confrontation with England’s finest soldiers, leaving Anne in dismay and in a mood to smack some sense into him.

The episode as I said wasn’t the greatest season opener I have ever seen, but for some reason, I knew the first attempt to take back Nassau was going to be a failure. If going forward though, the battle for the city doesn’t take place on the water and in boats like pirates are supposed to be, I may become an unhappy camper! And John is now separated from the rest of the pirates, and I’m hoping they don’t keep the group separated for any length of time. That’ll just be TWD all over again!

I’m going to go stare at IMdB photos of these beautiful people now and fantasize about next week which I’m hoping will only get better as we approach the series finale.

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