Book Review: Lady of Valor by Lara Adrian

I read this novel a while ago, but Lara Adrian aka Tina St. John is my go to when it comes to historical romance, and I can’t help but coming back to the Warrior novels whenever I’m looking for a spicy read. I think I’ve read this one at least four times, and each time, it never fails to warm me up and lift my romantic heart.

Left a widow by her cruel husband’s death, Lady Emmalyn of Fallonmour is determined to control her own destiny, until her hard-won vows of independence are threatened by the mysterious warrior sent to protect her castle on order of the king. Emmalyn is now at the mercy of Sir Cabal, a feared knight known as Blackheart.

Skilled at war and hiding a tormented past, Cabal swears allegiance to no one but himself and his country. But once he meets Emmalyn, he finds his strength tested by this proud beauty who stirs his blood with desire, tempting him to defy his king and surrender his heart.

Lady of Valor
Lara Adrian aka Tina St. John
Rating: 5



It is a story of the most beautiful love that blossoms from disdain in not only the other person, but in the main characters themselves. Emmalyn is such a head strong, independent woman that when Cabal comes to take charge of her home, you almost dislike him as much as she does. Then Adrian builds Cabal’s story and shows you how tortured of a soul the warrior is, and you slowly fall for him just as much as Emmalyn, cheering her on as she slowly takes down each brick in his tall wall around his heart.

I love a budding romance, but what I think I love most about these characters is how flawed they are because of their painful pasts. Emmalyn torments herself after losing a child at the hand of her abusive husband. Cabal has seen and shed more blood than he would ever be able to wash off of his hands. Their back stories are heartbreaking, but how miraculously they put each other back together again is why I will always come back to this story.

Not to mention Emmalyn is pretty much a bad ass when someone threatens her home. Get it girl! Then you add in the hot, steamy moments. Such a perfect mix of hate, love, war, and sex. You won’t be disappointed.


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