Zika: The New, Big, Bad, Scary Disease

Am I missing something here?

How to Avoid Zika Virus Mosquito Bites


I do not claim to be or have ever been a medical doctor or scientist, but with all the research being done right now on the Zika virus, and I am failing to see why this “new” disease is suddenly so big, bad, and scary. I understand for women who are pregnant that this is a very real threat, but other than for this minority group, I don’t understand why everyone else is freaking out.

I did some research, and again I am no doctor or scientist, but if a mosquito carrying the virus bites you and you become infected then you are only infected with the virus for about a week, says the CDC on their website: http://www.cdc.gov/zika/symptoms/symptoms.html. After a week, you will most likely be protected from future infections.

Once the week of infection is up which only provides cold/flu like symptoms, some doctors and researchers are recommending you abstain or use protection during sexual intercourse for a period of eight weeks to six months after all symptoms have stopped. If you have traveled to an area that is known to have mosquitos carrying the virus, but do not show any symptoms, doctors and researchers are recommending the eight week abstain and/or protected sex period. These recommendations can be found on the WHO website: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/zika/en/.

All this to say that if you are not trying to have a child or are already pregnant with one, why is the world so afraid of this virus? Again I stress the fact that if you are trying to get pregnant or already are pregnant, then I understand why these people are uneasy, but take some of the Olympic athletes as an example.  rio-olympics-2016-logo-on-white_1920x1200_947-wide

Hope Solo is the first to come to mind. She recently posted pictures of multiple different methods of bug repellent to which the crowd in Brazil booed her relentlessly during the first women’s soccer meet of the games, and even at times screaming “Zika!” Solo was married in 2012, so I guess there could be a possibility that she may want to get pregnant in the next eight weeks to six months, but since she knows the risk and is taking precautions then her next logical step would be to abstain or use protection until she has passed the milestone for infection.

Another example would be Michael Phelps. Now he just had a baby, so unless he and his wife want their children very close in age (I don’t know how people manage two infants/toddlers at the same time, so it just seems unlikely to me), I don’t see why he would be concerned with this virus. He is not trying to have another baby right now and his wife already gave birth to a healthy boy, therefore, in my opinion, his fear of this virus should none.

Remember the recent Ebola scare? Now that is a very real threat in my mind because not only did it make its way to the U.S., but it is a virus that can be airborne and result in death no matter your fertility status. I am in no way attempting to downplay the threat a mother may feel over her unborn child, but for those of us that are not with child or attempting to conceive, I am at a loss to why this virus is so scary.

Again I ask: am I missing something? Someone please enlighten me!


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