Southern New Hampshire University – Online Student

If I’ve never told you, let me tell you now. My husband comes up with the greatest ideas on a weekly basis. (Note the eye rolling.) One of the many brilliant ideas was to go back to school. He did all the research, received information packets, and talked to advisors before finally settling on Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). He presented the idea to me, and I had always said that once I found out what I wanted to do with my career, I would go back to school, so I was receptive because my career in administration seems worthwhile and heard him out. It took me a few months to warm up to the idea fully, but eventually, we both signed up and began classes the very next week.

I have been back in school, albeit online, for almost a year now. The structure of the courses are relaxed enough that I don’t feel crunched for time to complete the work, but rigid enough to keep me on track with my studies. All of the courses I have taken thus far have felt pretty laid back as I have learned to juggle the workload photo-1446329360995-b4642a139973which is reflecting in my 4.0 GPA. So when my advisor explained that I needed to take statistics, I felt like I was kissing my spectacular GPA goodbye.

I’m one of those weird people that like math and English throughout my studies. I always did well in both areas. Science, meh, depending on the subject, I would come out with a B or C, but it really never peaked my interest. History, yuck! I love the stories of history like how battles were fought and how treaties were drawn up, but I have no interest in memorizing a bunch of names and dates!

Back on track. I have always been good at math, so you would think that statistics wouldn’t bother me. Wrong! It literally is worrying me to no end! I’m attending all the webinars and reviewing all the material I can to make sure that I am ready for the end of the term exam.

Huh, maybe that is what is concerning me. I’ve always been a pretty good test taker. I never really had anxiety over them, but this will be my first online class end of the year exam experience. Whew, what a mouthful! All of my other classes have all been papers and PowerPoint projects, so taking a real exam is worrying me! I can feel the gray hair popping in.

Here’s what I have found so far:mac-glasses

Anyone have any additional tips on online class exam taking?

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