What is love, actually?

I know I’ve been talking about love a lot recently, but it is a very interesting topic. One that I believe I could discuss at length for an infinite amount of time. There are just so many fascinating aspects of the emotion and/or the state of being, the time and place in which you feel it or are it. It’s literally the most insane emotion we can possibly be or feel, and yet every adult at one time or another can admit to experiencing it, and will equally fumble when asked to explain exactly what it is.

The way I explain love is a fast heartbeat, dilated pupils, and heavy breathing when I think of or am around someone I feel connected to by a fabric deeper than surface appearance. Love is an all-consuming emotion to the point that most people experiencing it can be categorized as someone in love. You are literally a walking ball of love. Everything you experience is tainted by the rose-colored glasses veiling your senses. It could almost be a state of incapacity because of the alteration in consciousness, but most would probably describe it as more of a strength because as humans we are meant to love and be loved. But even this explanation leaves much to be desired.

This crazy emotion most people can admit to feeling at least once in their lives leaves the majority of those experiencing it speechless as they try to express it. So why then are we as adults with all of our senses about us falling headlong into an emotion we can hardly describe? The only feasible answer can be the connection felt between the two parties.

Aimages I said, we as humans are social beings who search out love and want to give it to another person just as much as we want to receive it. We thrive on the connections we make throughout our lives, and for some, it is what keeps us going. Love to different degrees is experienced through each interaction we take part in like a kind gesture such as holding the door for another all the way to a loving embrace. So then why is it so hard for both us describe this incredible feeling when it is all we want whether consciously or unconsciously? I find myself going back to a quote made famous by a fellow author.

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.” – Nicholas Sparks

You don’t have to see love to know it’s there. We don’t have to know exactly what it is to feel it. Love is mysterious.

2 thoughts on “What is love, actually?

  1. Great post, enjoyed reading your perspective on love. I wrote a post a few weeks ago. Look forward to reading future post from you, check mine out when you get the chance 🙂

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