Where is the love?

I’m not a hipster by any means. I do not lump myself in with those of my generation who have more liberal tendencies, and I certainly do not consider myself a millennial, but there is one aspect of the mentality of today’s modern hippies that I can get in line with.

Where is the love?

In a world where the global population is 35 people per square mile, so you always have a neighbor, there is so much hate where there should be love. I understand that not everyone is going to like each other, but why is it so much easier to turn to hate rather than love?

OK, maybe love is too strong of a word. How about just understanding? I understand that you feel a certain way about a certain thing, and even though I disagree with it, I will not hate you for your feelings. I may say or do things in opposition to the way you feel because my actions aligns with the way I feel, but that does not mean I hate you. I can disagree with you and not hate you. I can have my own opinions, but still understand yours.

Even in hockey, at the end of every playoff game, the winners and losers shake hands. Even after a player goes shoulder to shoulder and completes a train wreck of a hit on another player, they still shake hands. They understand that it is just a game, and that the other player is just out for the same thing, to win.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing: to go home and do and/or be with those we love.

There is an old proverb that I have been stuck on since the birth of my daughter: it takes a village to raise a child. With 35 people per square mile that village is sounding real claustrophobic at the moment, but the message is loud and clear. Everyone my daughter comes in to contact with has an impact on how she will turn out as an adult.

I am trying my hardest to make sure she is in contact with those that will only allow her to become a strong, caring woman, but I know one day she will meet someone who knows nothing of love and only turns to hate. That will be the day I have to explain to her, even though I hope I can warn her ahead of time, that there are some people in this world who know nothing of love. It is that type of person that we have to show our compassion to without allowing them to take advantage of or attempt to harm us. We can be strong against those who turn to hate because we know there is someone in our lives that will always have love for us.

I can only hope that I can teach my daughter to be better than those in the world filled with hate. Maybe then the next generation will have a chance at a different life where no matter what you believe, you can believe it without those attempting to tear you apart for it even if they disagree with it.



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