April Goals

Well, it took just under 4 months for me to break a resolution. I haven’t posted in 2 weeks! I know, I know. I’m disappointed in myself as well.

But these past two weeks have been interesting. I have so many deadlines at work, end of the school semester is this week, and my daughter has been sick off and on all week. I’m not making excuses, quite the opposite actually. I’ve realized something in the midst of all the non-writing, an observation of myself, if you will.

When I don’t write for an extended period of time, whether fiction or blog, things just don’t seem right in my world. I believe I have said this plenty of times now, but writing truly is a release for me, a way for me to unwind and process. If I don’t write, I become a moody mess, filled with repressed emotions I only know how to write out.

After two weeks of not posting or writing more of my novels, I am not only all the above, but filled with ideas. I had been stumped on my latest novel I was hoping to have finished this month and another I would love to begin on following the currents completion. It feels like a dam has burst within me, prompting me to continue with my writing and handing me the tools to do so, and as I have said before, when the muse comes knocking, she won’t be ignored.

So, all in all, maybe my reprieve from writing has been good for my creativity, just not my mood. I believe it is time to get back into writing, and, man, have I missed it!

April Goals:
– Plan a beach trip;
– Finish school with As;
– Finish work deadlines in time;
– Complete my novel and begin on the next;
– Post once a week at least!

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