A Little Poetry Before Bed

I’m not much of a poet, but every now and then I have an itch. Mostly free verse, but sometimes rhyme. Let’s see what I have up my sleeve tonight.

Pillow soft,
Dreams so sweet,
Laying warm within my sheets.
I toss and turn
As memories burn
Even the brightest thoughts with heat.
They sear through,
Taking hold,
Filling me with their drastic cold.
I wither and wilt,
Begging for a tilt,
As I lay cold within my sheets.

Hmm. Not sure what rhyme scheme that would follow. Moving on.

To love is to lose,
But what do you lose?
Saying goodbye can break you,
But it’s what you do with the pieces
That counts in the aftermath.
So to love is to have the courage
To put yourself back together,
If all else fails.

Like I said, not much of a poet, but there is something on my mind tonight I can’t quite put into words, so maybe writing will help me figure it out. Just so happens that poetry is the outlet of choice tonight.

Let me learn what it means
To have friction between the sheets.
Let me feel how I feel
To know whether or not this is real.
Let me live in this moment,
Give me this chance,
Because tomorrow is never promised,
And I am never looking back.

Didn’t know where I was going with that one. Interesting.

Emotions are wasted.
Self control is overrated.
Find what means something to you,
And pursue it,
No matter the consequences.
For when you find what sets you ablaze,
There you will know what your true feelings are.

I guess love is on my mind tonight, and what it means for each person. Is love felt differently in a man than in a woman? Is one right or wrong? What if you never find love? Does it mean you don’t know what it is? Then how is love learned if you’ve never experienced it before?

Again, I have no clue where I am going with this, but I guess my mind is trying to sort something out. Being a bit philosophical tonight, for whatever reason. Minds are funny things. Hopefully I can get to sleep sometime soon as my thoughts drift in and out of jumbled ideas.

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